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Aladdin To Get A Live-Action Sequel At Disney

Aladdin To Get A Live-Action Sequel At Disney

Disney fans seem to have given another wish: a sequel to the real action version of Aladdin.

Following the success of the 2019 film starring Will Smith, Maina Masood, and Naomi Scott, a follow-up photo continues with a new team of writers.

And before asking: No, the new movie probably doesn’t follow the story of The Return of Zafar or The King of Thieves, two direct sequels to video for the 1992 animated film by Aladdin. Instead, fans can expect an entirely new plot, yet to be revealed, by variety.

Aladdin At Disney
Source: Polygon

Speaking earlier about the potential of the sequel, Disney producer Dan Lynn said: “We are going to treat it the same way we treat Aladdin’s original movie and the new version of everything done before. They’re not going to do

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“We are anxious about what has been done in the past and in the home videos back, and with the underlying materials to tell more about the story. So, without giving too much, we are looking for where we can go with this franchise. ”

At the moment, it is also unclear whether director Guy Ritchie, who canceled the 2019 movie, will return to Agrabah for more adventures. Smith, Masood, and Scott are expected to claim their roles, but their signatures are not supposed to be official until the script is completed.

However, when the details are a sketch at this time, we know that the film will receive a theatrical release and will not be available only on the new Disney.

Aladdin’s adaptation in 2019 raised more than a billion dollars worldwide, titled ‘Street Rat’ and the discovery of an almighty blue-skinned genius played by Smith.
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