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Asteroid Alert: NASA Cautions 1KM Rock Could Destroy Millions On Rapid Approach

A space rock sufficiently large to cause annihilation on a worldwide scale will move toward our planet on February 15, as indicated by NASA.

NASA is following a possibly destructive space rock, which assessed to gauge about 3,280ft (one kilometer) over. The giant space rock is right now hurtling through space at speeds more noteworthy than 35,500 mph.

The space rock is relied upon to make a ‘nearby methodology’ before an early afternoon on February 15.

NASA stated: “If a rough meteoroid bigger than 25m yet littler than one kilometer – somewhat more than a large portion of a-mile – were to hit Earth, it would probably make neighborhood harm the effect region.

“We think anything bigger than one to two kilometers – one kilometer is somewhat more than a one-half mile – could have overall impacts.”

At that size, any effect from this space rock could be catastrophic for life on Earth.

Fortunately, the enormous stone is relied upon to miss our planet.

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