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DC VS Marvel? Who Won The Race For Oscars

Oscar 2020: DC VS Marvel: Who Won The Race For Oscars?

There are Oscar nominations for 2020, and DC Comics received its first Best Film nomination thanks to The Joker. This is a great moment for the superhero genre in the brand and in Genre, as Marvel created the Best Image Node for Black Panther last year. The pattern makes it seem like it will only be a matter of time before Big Two wins the prize, and we think DC could probably do it before Marvel.

Comparing Marvel and DC over the past decades, especially when it may seem strange to some. Still, We don’t think it’s crazy to say that DC has a good chance of beating Marvel for the Oscar for the best movie, and it could happen even before the decade is completed. Here is the thought process behind this, and at what time DC has positioned itself to take a better chance of achieving Oscar’s glory before Marvel.

Marvel has managed to raise the profile of some of its less famous characters, but during the MCU, they haven’t done much to change those characters.

Of course, some aesthetic attitudes and modified powers have changed to better adapt to the shared universe, but the bigger and closer these heroes are to their comic versions.

This success suggests that DC will continue to do so in the future, and there is no reason for that. Joker and Suicide Squad played at the box office regardless of how critics feel about them, and this is an important factor. While the money is coming and going, DC has no reason to stop trying to control the ways in which his characters turn to the audience and review those concepts. Who could be in the Oscar fight for the best film?

The result has been enormously successful at the box office, and it has been a long time since Marvel gave less favorable reviews to Rotten Tomatoes. Marvel found what works and can run consistently with great success. Even so, it took until the last half of a decade to get the Best Black Panther Film, and after a decade of success, viewers and critics wouldn’t be surprised to be a little tired of Marvel’s formula.

If the goal is to win the Best Movie, Marvel will have to make a place in their plans to allow some truly spectacular and inventive moments in their movies in the future.

Unfortunately, there are still examples of directors who abandon projects due to creative differences and deadlines, which may indicate that there are no current plans in Phase 5. I do not say that it is completely impossible for Marvel to win the Best Film. But it would be very difficult, given the types of movies they make to win.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we can say that it definitely feels like a good sign that a superhero movie has been in the fight for the Best Movie two years in a row. If anything has been demonstrated in the last decade, it is that the public is not getting tired of superhero movies and is well accustomed to the characters, when it is enough to accept if the projects are a bit out of place and Some try to be braver.

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