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Here’s Everything We Know So Far Disney+ Show ‘Hawkeye’

Although Avengers: Endgame has ended the series of Marvel movies now dubbed “Infinity Saga,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues. In addition to some of your favorite Avengers in the Phase Four films, you will also move on to the small screen for a limited series on Disney+, Disney’s streaming service, released in late last year.


One of these shows is Hawkeye, whose role as Clint Barton is retaken by Jeremy Renner. Just like Marvel’s material, specifics of the series are still quite scarce, but here’s all we know so far.

Release Date On Disney+

This arrives in the fall of 2021. Hawkeye is the last of four planned MCU Phase Four live-action shows. It will also feature characters that we already know from movies (after Hawkeye, there are three new series – “Ms. Marvel” and “She-Hulk” and “Moon Knight”).

‘The Falcon and Winter Soldier’ (August 2020) and ‘WandaVision’ (December 2020) will be the first series to make their debut. The next step is ‘Loki’ (spring 2021). Between ‘Loki’ and ‘Hawkeye,’ Disney+ plans to release the animated series ‘What if…?’ during the summer of 2021, which has seen several MCU stars, Renner included, who return to voice their characters.

Kate Bishop

Eventually, it will bring viewers to Kate Bishop. Characters presence was tinkered in the San Diego Comic-Con panel of Marvel and after Clint retires they will be taking over the Hawkeye role — note that he was Ronin in Avengers: the end of the world after the snap and all the signs point to him returning to his stillness as his family came back. Kate is the first woman to take the name Hawkeye, and although we don’t know what her future will be at the MCU, she will hopefully stay around for a while. Thor introduced Renner’s wife, so let’s hope that Kate enjoys the same longevity.

Hailee Steinfeld was speculated to be the Bishop of Kate. In September, reports announced that Kate’s part was offered to the Dickinson actress, although Marvel did not confirm it. Steinfeld cast doubt on her cast in November and told, “That isn’t something that’s happening. I guess we shall wait and find out.”

Writer From Mad Men

A writer from Mad Men takes the helm. According to the reports, former Mad Men writer Jonathan Igla will write the Hawkeye show. Igla, also a writer on Pitch’s short-lived Fox series, will also produce the Jeremy Renner executive.

We saw the opening credits already. Renner shared his series-opening credits–or at least a few early stage of conceptual art— shortly after his debut in Hall H of the SDCC on his Instagram account.

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