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Lena Dunham: Joaquin Phoenix Made Me A Vegan

Lena Dunham: Joaquin Phoenix Made Me A Vegan

Lena Dunham credits Joaquin Phoenix for inspiring her to become a vegetarian.

The writer, director, producer and actor, perhaps best known as the producer of the HBO Girls program, revealed the news on Twitter.

Dunham shared a video

Dunham shared a video of Oscar’s acceptance speech famous by Phoenix, in which he spoke about the oppression of people and animals, especially dairy cows.


Dunham’s tweet generated hundreds of responses from both individuals and organizations such as PETA and Mercy for Animals (MFA).

Peta said: “Amazing. It’s very easy to choose kindness! We’re here to help you at all times.”

MFA shared a vegan guide online with Dunham and wrote: “This is amazing news. Thank you very much for your compassion! This guide has easy food ideas and plant-based tips if you need additional help.

The speeches of Phoenix, which he made while capturing the statue of the Best Actor for his performance in The Joker, made headlines around the world, generating huge amounts of support, as well as vitriol.

While Vegan praised Phoenix for using its vast platform to highlight the horrors of the dairy industry, some commentators wrote opinion pieces causing the star to speak.

An article in the New York Post called Phoenix an “insult” and “a street tramp” for using animals to try to help them.

Phoenix Oscar speech

During the speech, Joker Star said: “I think we often feel or feel that we become champions for different reasons. But for me, I see equality. I think if we are talking about gender inequality or racism or tail. He was talking about the fight against injustice.

He was talking for the fight the one nation one people one gender one person one species have the right to dominate, use, and control another.

We go to the natural world and steal it for our resources. We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and steal your child, even if the cry of his suffering is infallible. Then we drink your milk, which is for your calf, and add it to our coffee and cereal. “

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