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Matrix 4: Here’s The Character List Who Will Be Returning From The Original Movie

Matrix 4: Here’s The Character List Who Will Be Returning From The Original Movie

It may be hard to believe, but yes, The Matrix 4 of the writer/director Lana Wachowski is authentic. With KNU Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss filming in San Francisco, which is currently considered production, Jack will have a chance in the world of The Matrix movies in May next year.

While we have some old members for Matrix 4, both old and new, already confirmed to be in this new sequel, some are not approved or have not returned and are exciting news. To do for our good, we are focusing on characters that are not confirmed but can always return to the fold with this third matrix sequence.

Apologizing to Agent Smith fans, Hugo Weaving’s recent announcement that he can’t tell his role meant that he shouldn’t discuss this particular guide. But there are still many characters who can return for this latest RSVP-based Matrix movie; So let’s think about who can come back from the “trilogy.”

The Oracle (Mary Alice)

As one of the two final figures in the matrix films, Oracle itself has served as an important element of the matrix. The arrival of “The One” is its main function, since this pseudo-biblical story helps keep the spirit of the free. There is a need for the matrix in the way it always works.

Actor Mary Ellis took over after the disappearance of the original actor Gloria Foster, this new era of The Matrix, probably more than requiring a similar structure. So, whether Oracle retains its current presence or can reform itself, its character will be crucial to the future of The Matrix.

The Architect (Helmut Bakitis)

Returning after his introduction as the intellectual author who created each matrix, and in exchange for each Neo, the character of the actor Helmut Bakaytis was a manipulative part of the exhibition and part of the polar power structure of this universe, with Oracle sitting on the other extreme.

With these final moments of the original trilogy restoring the awkward tension between The Architect and The Oracle, he told his opposite number that he should expect never to see them again. If The Matrix Movies has taught us something, we may see these two again, humanity standing in the sights of its eternal battle between free will and determinism.

Ghost (Anthony Wong)

Logos’ first friend and his captain, Ghost (Anthony Wong), will play an essential role during Side Quest, which included add-ons such as The Insimatrix short film “The Final Flight of the Osiris.” Together with Captain Niobe (Jada Pinkett-Smith), the two will serve as a bridge between the screen and outside it in the universe of The Matrix.

Persephone (Monica Bellucci)

If there is a subject that can be trusted to emerge in the plot of The Matrix, then it is a blessing. Due to the many coupled relationships that exist in this system, which must be in perfect balance, when one character is close, the other is not far away.

Recent news has indicated that Lambert Wilson’s return to the Merovingian The Matrix 4 can only mean that his wife Persephone, played by Monica Bellucci, maybe another returning character. While it is not entirely true that the new round of history had seen the Merovingian clear his act, we cannot imagine that he returns without his wife, who supports while being abusive. This is the perfect balance.

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