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Paramount Will Now Do An American Remake For ‘Shrews’

Paramount Will Now Do An American Remake For ‘Shrews’

Is the return confirmed?

The new version, informed by the media, intends to return to the original film directed by Juan Fernando Andrés and Esteban Roel, based on a script written by Andrés and Esteban Roel. It was written by Álex de la Iglesia in the 1950s and was based on a woman who had lost her youth and looked after her younger sister.

His father (Luis Tosar) escaped after his mother’s death leaving him alone. Montes has agoraphobia, but he doesn’t know it, he hides between the four walls and becomes increasingly obsessive and unbalanced. She works as a seamstress, and her sister is the only link between her and reality. One day something unusual happens: a young and careless neighbor, Carlos (Hugo Silva), falls down the stairs, and Montes knocks on the window and asks for help.

The movie was compared to “Misery” and “The Black Swan,” while Paramount selected Rachel Chavkin as director of her American version. Ben Collins and the great writer of “Super Dark Times” Luke Piotroski wrote the script for the new version.

Shrews Nest Review

#Spoiler Ahead Warning#

Álex de la Iglesia presents a paranoid story about a shy dressmaker and a younger sister who loves to hate him. Still, for the first time, directors Juanfer Andrés and Esteban Roel stay away from the contagious mind seen in the work of Iglesia Se He says calm down much more. The incremental descends into a terrible. Supported by a strong central achievement and a touch of black humor, one of Spain’s new agreements, the Nest of Shreyas, is a clear testimony of this year’s great festival.

When the movie opens, Montes, a monstrous amateur seamstress, seems very harmless, apt to do well, Doon Puri. Poor Monte suffers from anxiety but tells Donna Puri that her supply of “drugs” has managed to eliminate her. Cursed by the weakness and fear of leaving and starting his own clothing business, Montes expresses his concern for his sister (Nadia de Santiago), who clumsily called her “La Nina” throughout the plot.

Memory’s of the Father:

Immersed in the memories of his father, who also pursues his character in death, the representation of Montrose de Macaro Gómez meticulously builds a tragic emotional core, built on a broken base designed to be uprooted It was and finally fell into the family weight of His dark past and his depression. Present Gomez’s work complements a very long story and follows a script that recognizes that his leadership must be friendly before the viewer wishes to escape and rule in secret.

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