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‘Parasite’ Why Everyone Loves It??

Oscar 2020: Everyone loves Parasites!!!!

A year ago, when Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma couldn’t win the best movie, some experts concluded that the Oscars would be his best movie for a language.  They were not going to give prizes.  In addition to English.

Who could if Cuarón could not win?  Roma had won everywhere and gone to the event was a different favourite.   

With this in mind, only optimists with the eyes of a rooster predicted the best victory of the film when Palme Dore took over Cannes last May.  Everyone liked the photo there.  Bong is a popular figure.  But just look at that Roma debacle.  If the Academy was subtitled, you are simply not interested.
The drugs worked.  On Sunday, Bong becomes after Walt Disney, the second man to win four Oscars in one night.  Each year, The Hollywood Reporter publishes a selection of “brutally honest” anonymous contributions from Academy members.  Even the most serious and conservative of the year admitted that they loved the speed and energy of Bong’s vertiginous face.
We have also underestimated a strong resistance to Netflix in 2019. The broadcast service threw millions at the Roma during the awards season, but voters who prioritized film presentations still have doubts about the new giant.  This year, Netflix won only two of its 24 nominations.  They may have allowed Martin Scorsese to do The Irishman, but they could not turn even one of their 10 nodes into a statue.  That conversation will continue.
Credit to North American distributors, Neon, must be given for watching the movie in that part of the world.  The independent producer structured the launch pattern to exploit the increase by word of mouth.

The undeniable charm of “director Bong” and his host translator Sharon Choi helped create a unique story for the winners.

It also matters that, in recent years, the academy has become smaller and more international.  Last year 928 were invited to join.  Young Irish artists such as Barry Keoghan, Domnall Gleeson and Ruth Negga were among those recently drawn.
Despite the shame of recent years, such as the lack of black nominees, new voters have proven to be more open to independent and international content.  Moonlight won in 2017. The parasite has just made history.
This listener listens to Korean pop music, enjoys Japanese anime and is open to the cinema from every corner.  Since the beginning of the last decade, helped by a proportional voting system that made the best film careers more volatile, they were always more likely to break the long and challenging curses in foreign language cinema.
Interested in writing my thoughts and with experience as Senior Editor in News companies. Wants to share my feelings through my words and love to write on controversies, providing people with the right information and gossips. You can also catch me on: Gmail- [email protected]

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