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Sophie Turner In A New Series After Game Of Thrones, ‘Survive’

.Sophie Turner In A New Series After Game Of Thrones, ‘Survive.’

When Game of Thrones ended last year after eight murders, Dragon Fire, double crossover, character change, and the usual unexpected chaos, we all wondered where our favorite actors were going to end. Well, Sophie Turner, Queen in North Sansa Stark, has a new show coming soon, and it looks like it will be as wild as Game of Thrones.

Sophie Turner is alive in the new Quibby series, live with Corey Hawkins (6 Underground, 24: Legacy). If you think she was going to jump to something lighter like a sitcom or series where a young woman always There is no danger. Well, you will be wrong. While he survives, he seems to be too intense along the way, and he should keep Turner and GOT fans alert.

We don’t have much official information about the new program, but, from what we see in the brief preview, it seems we won’t have much need to go before tuning in before the Quib arrives in April. It appears that Jane of Sophie Turner is at home after living in some mental health or substance abuse center when she lives with her new friend Paul (Hawkins) on the plane.

Sophie Turner Is Alive In The New Series

Her plane not only crashes, but it crashes and breaks violently, causing the death of all but Jane and Paul. Now, they have to find out where they are and find shelter, food, and water while trying to survive the harsh, icy, and perhaps severe cold conditions. However, at least we know that Jane is ready for winter, right?

I don’t know about you, but I already have some grave doubts about Paul. What are the chances that the plane will fall and that the person on board who knows that Jane is the only one who survives that fatal accident? Also, Jane has an excellent cut on the head, but it’s beautiful. How is that, Paul? I mean, I don’t say he caused the accident, but, honestly … he could be the cause of the accident.

So, you might wonder what the deal with surviving in Quibby is, but it is a streaming experience like no other. The whole point of service is to offer the show in “quick bite.” New episodes are offered every day on the platform only for mobile devices, but those episodes will only last 10 minutes, or less so you don’t have to spend a lot of time every day watching the story. Other programs include a horror series by Steven Spielberg, crazy action and adventure comedy with Kevin Hart and John Travolta, and a dangerous-looking reality show with Zac Efron, so the content is already popping. ‘

At the moment, we don’t know how many short episodes of Survive will take place, but we can get in tune to see Sophie Turner, trying to overcome her ridiculously, sometime after Quib’s release on April 6. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more information about the program and to see what else will be presented on different screens in the winter and spring of 2020!

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