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The Order Season 2 Release Date, Cast Update And Plot Details

The Order Season 2:

Netflix The Order has been renewed.  The first season of the program was launched a few months ago.  And the spectators are already waiting for a new season.

Only after its launch, the program gained its maximum popularity.  The audience was very happy with the horror drama in the series.  Therefore, as soon as the program ended, Netflix announced the second season of the program.  The series attracted viewers with their deep magical fights amid a lot of visions and magical dark arts.  Fans enjoyed the concept of the show. Here everything related to season 2.

Release Date:

Netflix made an official announcement about the series that made fans happy.  A few months after its release, viewers were begging for the second season.  The creators of the program have given the audience the best to make the program exciting.

The release date has not been confirmed by the creators of the show.  But there are assumptions that the series will be released by 2020.


The program’s cast will include the following Jake Manley, Sarah Gray, Matt Cruiser, Sam Trammel, Max Martini and others.  As is the new season, the program may have some additions.


The Order is an American horror drama web television series that is broadcast exclusively on Netflix.  The group of writers behind this fictional series are Hayton, Shelley Aiken, Rachel Langer, Jenica Harper, Penny Gummerson and Jason Filatrault.  Dennis Heaton is the producer of the show.  The series premiered on Netflix on March 7, 2019. The series had ten episodes.

The show begins with Jack Morton, a student at the University of Belgrave, joining the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a secret society that teaches and practices magic.  He joins society to avenge his mother’s death.  As he deepens, some of his family’s dark secrets are revealed.  And he gets involved in an underground battle between black magic stores and healers.  Throughout the series, he is also assisted by Elisa Drake, her lot mate and a tour guide in the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

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