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Will DC Take the risk of Birds Of Prey 2, And Who Will Appear In The Next Sequel

Will DC Take the risk of Birds Of Prey 2, And Who Will Appear In The Next Sequel

If DC moved to perform Birds of Prey 2, several DC personalities surely deserve to get an appearance in the sequel. Birds of Prey (And the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) opened on February 7 to positive reviews yet a disappointing box office return. Yet, notwithstanding that, Margot Robbie has declared that she’s open to returning as Harley Quinn for sequels and turn-offs, including a Gotham City Sirens movie (which could probably recognize the Birds of Prey team return).

Bird of Prey Star Details

There are also details that many stars of Birds of Prey, as well as Matt Reeves’, expected The Batman are contractually restricted to return to their characters in the event of sequences or spin-offs. While it’s natural to believe that the prominent signature roles such as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Robert Pattinson’s Batman will stick around for quite some time, there’s also no reason how? The DCEU versions of Black Canary, Huntress, and Cassandra Cain wouldn’t every return for a sequel as well.

There is also a unique asset for making The Birds of Prey as a team. In each character have their bonds to other forks of the DC Universe, therefore absolutely no recognizing what Warner Bros. and DC have planned toward the future of all of these heroes and villains.

Harley Quinn Sequel

Of course, fans of Birds of Prey are assuming that Warner Bros. green lights a sequel in contempt of this film’s accessible box office location. There’s a lot of space that could be covered in a follow-up to the flick, so here are various DC Comics characters that would fit perfectly into Birds of Prey 2.

While the film recast the origins of the Birds of Prey so that Harley Quinn’s shenanigans were the incentive toward their formation, it’s only right that Oracle should make her debut in a sequel. Barbara Gordon, arguably famously identified for her experience as the first Batgirl, was tragically injured during the iconic Batman story The Killing Joke. However, alternatively of surrendering herself to her fate, she turned her hardship into a chance. She thought the mantle of Oracle, an expert hacker responsible for crafting worldwide communications and knowledge network for the heroes across the DC Universe.

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