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Two More Witchers Reportedly Added To The Cast Of Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2

The fantasy series currently casts Paul Bullion and Yasen Atour, as Netflix’s The Witcher 2 season begins this month as two more witchers, Lambert and Coën. Season 1 of Witcher debuted at Netflix at the end of December and became a massive hit for streaming. The show is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and serves as the source material for the CD Projekt Red video games.

Renewal Of The Witcher For Season 2

Netflix renewed the Witcher for season 2, even before season 1, but said it would not be available until 2021. Considering the length of filming and producing Season 1, this is not unexpected, but the fans look forward to getting their hands on season 2 of The Witcher.

Since Geralt finally joined his surprise baby Ciri (Freya Allen) in the finale of The Witcher Season 1, viewers speculated on what’s going to happen and what characters feature in season 2. Now that Season 2 of Witcher will start filming this month, new cast members are said to have joined the production.

Lambert And Coën

The witcher season 2 will introduce two witches, Lambert and Coën, in three episodes as confirmed by reports. Paul Bullion takes the Lambert part, while Yasen Atour takes the Coën role. They both appeared in the original novels of Sapkowski, helping to train Ciri in battle as she stayed with Kaer Morhen’s Witcher. In The Witcher video games, Lambert also displayed an antagonistic connection with sorceress Triss Merigold.

The introduction of Lambert and Coën from Netflix’s The Witcher 2 reveals how the story goes deeper into the universe and the past of the various Witcher Schools. Only Geralt and Lambert come from the Wolf School, which sits in the northern part of the Continent from Kaer Morhen, but Coën belongs to the Griffin School, which is based somewhere else. As more witchers and not only witch-makers from the School of the Wolf join the show in season 2, the public will discover what makes schools unique and what kind of relationships they have with each other.

Geralt And Ciri

Now that both Geralt and Ciri are entirely together, it is hoped that after several references in season 1, the audience will see what Kaer Morhen looks like in Season 2. Geralt and Ciri live in the source material in Kaer Morhen while the latter trains in combat. This theory has recently been tampered by Allen, who posted a photo of a sword on her Instagram, which many viewers believe that in season two, Geralt and his fellow witch educated the Cintran princess. All this seems to be confirmed by the addition of Lambert and Coën.

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