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Medical Researchers Finally Made A Possible Antidote For The Treatment Of Coronavirus

According to CNN News, the patient suffering or being infected by the Coronavirus can be treated now, yes you have heard right!!!. Medical researchers from India has now made a possible antidote for the treatment of Coronavirus. CNN News report arrives that medical researchers have been successful in making a possible antidote for coronavirus.

The Team Of Doctors Were Treating An Italian Patient who came to the SMS hospital in Jaipur. The female patient is on the path of recovering, but the bad news is her husband, who was also tested positive, has not been recovered because it’s unique in each case.

How The Medical Researchers Made The Possible Antidote

For the initial time after the outbreak of the deadly virus {COVID-19}. A team of medical experts has done a remarkable thing for us. The team is from Jaipur, and they all are claiming that they have been successful in making a possible antidote for Coronavirus.

The team was handling an infected coronavirus patient who came recently from Italy. Medical solution for this virus is only possible by using a combination of Medicines like HIV, swine flu, and malaria medicines.

They First gave the combination of Lopinavir and Ritonavir medicine twice a day to the infected patient, and they also gave the patient  Oseltamivir, medicine used in the treatment for swine flu and Chloroquine a medicine used in malaria.

After giving the standard treatment to the female infected patient, she was later tested negative for the disease, which is a great achievement to the team of doctors from the SMS hospital. These types of medicines are also used for the cure of HIV And AIDS.

Source: CNN News

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