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Donald Glover Surprises Fans With New Music Release! See With Whom He Collaborated

It’s always an elating feeling to see an album when u ain’t expecting one. This feeling is truly a fan moment, and Donald Glover’s new album has done the same to the fans. Till Sunday, there wasn’t a word on a potential release of the album, and literally out of nowhere, 12 new tracks were posted on his website DonaldGloverPresents.com. But there is more to it, and we will try to explore deeper into this surprise.

So how all this happened?

There was not even a whisper of a new album, and then we see 12 tracks, but the worst part is that there is no info on the new album, and even the song titles haven’t been listed till now. So what all this implies? Well, I can’t say but going to be a pleasant surprise for sure. Later some info came about the new album, and then we came to know that there are others too who collaborated with Donald Glover, and this includes Ariana Grande also.

Donald Glover
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In the song titled “Time,” Ariana Grande has collaborated, and then we have 21 Savage and SZA who collaborated in the track titled “Vibrate.” So all this has happened, and nobody knew about it, but eventually, the release was confirmed by the management, and this gave a sigh of relief to the fans as they were in no mood for a joke.

What could be the possible reasons for a surprise drop?

Well, there could be a hundred reasons, but we will try and explore the most probable ones. Recently the world has been engulfed by the deadly virus attack, and people across the globe are in isolation or home quarantine, so this could be an attempt by Donald Glover to surprise his fans who are forced for homestay. T,

his can be a relieving moment for the fans as none of us wants to be inside our homes and do nothing. No evening walks, no weekend parties, the ghostly halt is terrifying, and this could be an attempt on his part to relieve his fans with a surprise new album.

Is Donald Glover the sole artist to do this? Nope, our favorite artist care way more than we think, and this is evident from the fact that in the past few days, a hell lot of new music has been presented to us. Lil Uzi Vert’s new album came out of nowhere, and now we have Donald Glover dropped the new album. There are others too who aren’t far behind, and Don Toliver’s first album was released recently.

Lately, there has been so much negativity everywhere, and these new albums are there for the fans to give healing touch to their disrupted routine. Life has come to a crashing halt as most of us are staying inside our homes. Even Apple Music has updated his playlist by including classics to contemporary to make your quarantine period less boring.

I hope you liked the songs and there could be other surprises too. If a new album is dropped, we will love to share the details with you.

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