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The Love Birds: Here’s What You Should Know About Release Status Of Kumail Nanjiani Starrer

The world has been engulfed in a crisis, and it seems as if someone has opened the nasty pandora’s box. It seems as if the sky has fallen, and life has changed irrespective of your geographical location, ethnicity, skin color, or religious beliefs. It’s the first time in the history of humankind when we are one. Well, why are we talking about this? The reason is deadly COVID-19, which has changed everything, and the impact is visible on film releases too. The love birds are all set to come directly on Netflix as all the theatres are closed across the globe.

The situation is different, so do the things. Most of the releases scheduled around this time are either postponed or released online on streaming platforms. This is the best entertainment industry that could have possibly came out with, and this is the panacea for all of us when we are isolated at our homes. Either you are working from home or simply staying at your place. The stay has isolated us; the very foundation of humans are shaken from the core as we are deprived of our social discourses.

The Love Birds:
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What could be the best way to enjoy quarantine than watch movies and TV series. So let’s dive into the details of the new release.

Things to know about the release status of The Love Birds

  • It’s the first instance when a Hollywood film is pulled out of theatrical release and will be directly heading to the online streaming platform. You can watch the movie on Netflix as the producers have decided to release the film with “come what may”
  • The movie is pivoted around a couple who accidentally got into a murder mystery. Things change after that, and it will be interesting to see how things turn out in Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani starring movie.
  • The Love Birds is not the only film to directly hit the streaming platform. The outbreak of COVID-19 has had serious implications for every industry, and this has impacted the entertainment industry too. Disney+ similarly released the Frozen-2. So this is the way the entertainment industry has tried to cope up with the ongoing crisis.
  • There are compulsions with the film industry too, and there is a commercial aspect too which has to be taken care of, so the other major releases scheduled in the upcoming months have been simply postponed. Black Widow and Fast and Furious have been postponed, so if you were expecting them to see on the online streaming platform, unfortunately, that won’t be happening.
  • Industry bodies have also clarified that other releases won’t meet the same fate, and they will be airing on theatres instead of the online streaming platform.
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These are the tough times, and we need to stay at home, leaving all the social gatherings. So the best way out will be to binge-watch a TV series or a film.

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