California Man Allegedly Killed Baby Daughter And Injured Wife

California Man Allegedly Killed Baby Daughter And Injured Wife

About The Incident

A man in California arrested after he stabbed his wife and killed his 1-year-old daughter. 49-year-old Adam Slater stabbed his wife Ashley Grome and also murdered the infant named Madalyn Payton Slater. Police have caught the monster man, and now he is in the hospital getting treated for his injuries and will be sent to jail soon.

Adam Slater Injured His Wife And Killed Baby

All the things happened when Slater stabbed his wife in a parking lot, and then he escaped with their little daughter Madalyn. After that, his car experienced an accident and the vehicle flip over. Then someone appeared to his help, but the monster man stabbed him too. He removed his baby from the car, and after that, he threw her and left.

Police tracked him and brought to the hospital for treatment as he was injured during the collision.

Punishments And Charges

When Slater is completely treated, then he will be arrested and charged for the murder of her baby and also for stabbing her wife. Police also revealed that he is already a registered criminal since 1995.

He was earlier charged in someone’s murder, and he is a very dangerous man, we are hoping that he will get the perfect punishment for doing this horrendous crime.


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