5-Month-Old Baby Found Injured While Mother Was Out With Boyfriend

Margaritta Gabriela Deaton
Source: WMAY

About The Incident

This is a horrendous incident in which a baby found in a ruthless condition while the mother was out with her boyfriend. 22-year-old Margaritta Gabriela Deaton arrested by the cops when they found out about the state of the baby as found brutally injured.

Police Called To The Home Of Deaton

Police were asked to appear at the 4100 blocks of Market Street when someone explained the incident to them. When they appeared, they found the door of the house was opened. They got shocked when they found the baby alone and also discovered many injuries on the innocent’s body.

The police, also called social security officers and the mother and boyfriend returned to the house at that moment. For the defense, they told that they went to buy things for the infant together. Then the police took both of them into custody.

The baby was brought to the hospital, and they revealed that the bones of the baby were broken and suffered many types of injuries. The baby is now with the department of social security, and they have taken custody.

Charges And Punishment

The mother, Margaritta Gabriela Deaton, is now in prison and facing charges of child abuse and carelessness, resulting in a severe injury. Her boyfriend, Anthony Javon Smith Jr, is facing charges of ownership of narcotics.


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