California: Jail Inmates Tried To Infect Themselves, Says Sheriff

California: Jail Inmates Tried To Infect Themselves, Says Sheriff

About The Incident

In the Los Angeles County prison, jail inmates attempted to infect themselves with the Covid-19 virus. They used to share water and a mask, and after two weeks, 30 prisoners tested positive. The inmates thought that they will discharge from prison.

The Incident Recorded On Camera

The camera managed to capture the activities of the jail inmates of the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic. In the videos, inmates were sharing water and sniffing a mask.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva came up with the footage and shared about the entire incident. He also revealed that they applied hot water for raising their temperatures before a nurse examined them. They thought that officers would believe they have catch coronavirus as the high temperature is a sign of it.

Within 2 Weeks, 30 Inmates Caught Coronavirus

30 inmates got coronavirus in jail, but till now, nobody dies from the dangerous virus. They are experiencing moderate symptoms and not need intensive care, according to the sheriff. From the prison, 5,000 inmates released due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic till now for maintaining social distancing.

The coronavirus is spreading worldwide at a very fast pace, and the Government ordered the citizens to stay at home for safety reasons.


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