Man Charged For Attacking A BBC Reporter, Details Inside

Man Charged For Attacking A BBC Reporter
Source: Metro

About The Incident

Recently a man arrested and charged for attacking a BBC reporter. The man, whose identity is not revealed, assaulted the journalist named Sima Kotecha. She was supposed to talk with people in Leicester city center on Sunday. Later the journalist has to cancel the broadcasting and informed police about the whole incident.

The Journalist Opened Up About Incident On Twitter

Kotecha recently talked about the incident on Twitter; she said in a statement: ‘Apologies to our visitors who we had to send home without putting on air after myself and crew were subjected to the very abusive behavior, the sad difficulty of reporting of a national crisis. Yes, I’m furious’.

BBC On The Incident

After The BBC got to know about the incident, they talked about it on social media and said: ‘While preparing to air, our reporter, her production team and guests were subjected to abusive behavior. We are shocked by what occurred and will be reporting the incident to the police. We will not allow the abuse of our staff.’

Charges And Punishments

The unnamed man is in jail and facing charges of public order offenses. Now the man will bring it to the court on Tuesday.


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