The way of expression is ever-changing. We live in the age of social media, global connectivity, and freedom of expression. The need for accurate documentation and audio video transcription is also increasing. The process of transcription is not new. It is being practiced since long by journalists, law firms, and media personnel. However, in recent times the impact of social and digital platforms has tripled. Video transcription is in demand in this matter, even by general public users. The software that can do this work with effectiveness is sometimes called ‘video transcription software.

What does a video transcription do?

Video transcription is the procedure of interpreting the audio within the video into the text; This is mainly performed through the help of various means. It could be the human transcriptionists, “automatic speech recognition technology,” or the mixture of both. Without adequate tools, Google cannot translate anything from the video apart from tags and title that is in the video. After the transcription and uploading it to YouTube (for example), Google will receive certain data about the content of that video. If we search for a phrase of the video, Google will show us numerous matching results.

Let us look at one of the examples. If you search for “sonic tape measure,” not only would you find your desired video, but numerous similar options too. Those options would be matching the phrase you entered.  Appreciation to time-coded transcription, we will now rapidly find the most suitable video relevant to our search.

Ways to transcribe a video

The convenient method to transcribe a video is through “speech recognition software.” A user can upload the audio or video to YouTube easily through it. The free captioning tool is also a good option to generate a rough transcript, and a captioning vendor is also considerable. If you are using the speech recognition software, ensure to edit the transcript. It will match the audio in the video.

Moreover, if you are utilizing the transcript to put subtitles in the video, ensure to time code the transcript. By hand, you can do it, or you can use the facilities of a vendor or YouTube. Upload the transcript in the field of the video description box. If, in any case, the transcript is distinct from the audio or video, ensure to mention a link from the media.

Transcription Software

Transcribing video on our own will require us to install exceptional transcription software. That is to enable the audio playback utilizing only the foot pedal or the keyboard; This would mitigate the obstruction of consistent usage of your mouse to stop and start the video. Below you could find some useful transcription software. However, these are free for a limited time but affordable if you agree to pay a specific amount to gain permanent access.

Transcription foot pedal

A foot pedal will help in controlling playback audio and video. It is the quickest and convenient way to upgrade your transcription efficiently. Some users really do not know how effectively to deal with the transcription. Foot pedals can manage your audio playback with efficacy. You would not need to use the mouse. It will remove the requirement to do various tasks with your fingers during the transcription. Some of the famous foot pedals in today’s era include plug and play, or infinity USB. The extra speed can provide you with instant transcription. If you cannot afford such foot pedals, you still do not need to worry. You can do the transcription by utilizing the functions keys or numeric keypad. They are still more effective rather than utilizing the mouse.


Voice Recognition Software

If your fingers get exhausted after long extensive typing hours, consider the “echo dictation technique.” It helps the transcription in re-dictating the audio. Also, it allows the VR plan to perform the actual task of typing. A user can consider using the features of Mac, PC, or the Dragon tool. The built-in software can scan the particular papers to memorize any unusual spelling. If the user is thinking of utilizing the recent version of Dragon v15, then it would cost him around $300. Ensure the compatibility with your existing setup before purchasing any.

Manual video transcriptions

Manual video transcription is solely transferring the video without getting any help from particular transcription software. In other words, the user had to make his fingers exhaustive and tired. He has to type whatever he is listening through the usage of only “text editing tools.” Generally, the correctness of the transcription will be greater, compared with the automatic transcription. However, with the passage of time and technology, some transcription tools have been upgraded with great effectiveness. Segmentation technique, artificial intelligence, and machine learning all can match the correctness of the manual transcription.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video transcriptions

Businesses allocate divisions of transcription activities to their employees for a rapid transformation process. If your video lasts for forty minutes and the transcription will take an hour, it is better to allocate it to two different individuals. By doing this, each will deal with a twenty-minute video. The transcription will consume 2.35 minutes to transform a one-minute speech. That would confirm the accomplishment of work before the deadline. However, if those two individuals are absent, then the DIY transcription tool can be used. That shows that you have to do all the things in your efforts.

Automated video transcriptions

This procedure is substantially quicker than manual transcription. Transcribing through manual means will divide the video into multiple sectors. These are then sent to numerous paid transcribers.  On the contrary, automated transcription will convert the video entirely without dividing it into segments. It will automatically create electronic text in a cheap amount together with rapid results. However, automatic transcription will still need an individual to maintain a check and balance of mistakes or errors. Automatic transcription is less accurate than manual transcription. But with time, technology has advanced greatly. We are near to use automatic transcription tools, having 80-95% accuracy. That would save us time to the greatest. If a user intends to utilize full software, then consider a proofreading tool. It will assist him in editing the transcription.


To sum up the whole writing, Video transcription is the procedure of interpreting the audio within the video into text. In today’s world, the majority of the users transcribe their videos and instantly upload them on YouTube. YouTube has grabbed the attention of 80% of the youngsters in today’s era. Rather than using automatic transcription, the manual transcription will provide you with more accuracy. You can rely on manual transcription because you are typing the text on your own.

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