People often try searching for podcasts based on specific quotes from episodes they listen. They will type in the exact phrase but are unable to find the desired episode; This can lead to frustration, and after some time, they will give up and try looking up something else. However, if the podcast is transcribed, this would not be an issue, and the majority of the public can easily find the podcasts they were searching for; This is one of the many benefits of allowing a podcast to get searched via transcriptions. It is quite obvious that if the accessibility of your podcast is enhanced, more are the chances of people discovering it. Designrr podcast transcription is a good place to start your transcription endeavor.

Transcribing audio and video content can be a dauntless task. It does not come off as a very entertaining topic for the majority of the people out there. But various research studies suggest that websites with transcription features earn 16% more revenue on average as compared to websites that do not. Not to mention, there are many other benefits to YouTube transcriptions as well. According to several studies transcribing your video for podcasts or audio content greatly benefits your overall engagement and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) alongside generating increased revenue.

What Is Transcribing?

To put it in simpler words, transcribing is the process of converting a recorded section of video or audio into text. As easy as it may sound, people that are new to the transcription process often get overwhelmed by the tedium nature of the process. Transcribing a video is without a doubt, a boring and time-consuming process, but before adequate research about transcribing software and preparation can greatly assist in its simplification.

Why Should You Transcribe Your Podcast?

Apart from marketing-related benefits, one of the main incentives you get for transcribing a podcast is easy content accessibility. A transcribed podcast is more accessible to your audience than a non-transcribed one. It is also very user-friendly towards people with handicaps such as those who find it hard to hear the audio or see the video. Postings transcripts, in conjunction with your audio or video, make it easier for disabled users to understand your content. Transcripts can also be used as subtitles or captions and with proper synchronization can greatly provide a better user experience. The only downside we can think of transcribing podcast is that it can be a time-consuming process.

For those podcast content creators who are searching for ways to improve their podcast quality for whatever reasons should realize there are no downsides to transcribing your podcast apart from it being a tedious process. Adding transcriptions will only benefit you. So, let’s dive deeper into some of the many benefits you can achieve if you wish to transcribe your podcast.

  1. Improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your audience can access your podcast in a variety of ways like family or friend suggestions or through reviews. If your podcast is optimized for search engines, the chances of drawing more traffic to your podcast increase significantly. If you decide to transcribe your podcast by providing text transcripts, people can easily search your podcast on search engines; This is probably the biggest advantage of transcribing your podcast as it directly impacts your total revenue by allowing various search engines to index better your content with the transcription text provided. This way, your podcast is linked by others and can gain a higher page ranking.

  1. A Better User Experience

Your audience or user is why you are transcribing your podcast in the first place. If you provide the option to consume your content in written form, they will greatly appreciate it. Making your podcast as simple and convenient as possible is crucial if you wish to gather a loyal and dedicated audience; This can lead to greater customer satisfaction which results in them coming back for more content hence, increasing your overall revenue generation.

  1. Reading Is Easier

Majority of your audience will find reading much easier as compared to listening; This can be due to a variety of reasons. Many people may not have the time to go through the podcast so they might want to skim through it quickly. Providing transcripts increases your audience engagement by giving them a brief overview of what they are about to watch before they even press the play button. Some people also tend to measure podcast quality by reading a transcript. Providing transcriptions reduces potential distractions and discomforts that listening can potentially cause.

  1. Increase Social Media Accessibility

Transcribing your podcast will automatically make it social media friendly by tenfold. Including transcription text of the audio makes it easier for your audience to share it on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and a whole bunch of other social media platforms. More sharing equals more opportunities for revenue generation. It also gives you the added benefit of writing blog posts using your transcriptions later on if you wish to do so. Providing transcriptions for your podcast content is the best way to making it go viral.

  1. Better Understanding Of Your Content

Without transcriptions, many of your audience will be unable to understand the context of your podcast. They might miss on minute but important details. By giving them an option to consume your podcast in text form, you are making it easier for them to understand your content. It will also keep a record of what you spoke and can be used as a reference later; This works for both you and your audience in case they missed anything important.

  1. It is Much Easier These Days 

Transcribing a video is not time-consuming as it used to be in the past. With effective and cheap tools and software available in the market, the transcription efficiency has increased significantly. There are numerous free and paid transcriptions software available. With some prior research, you can determine which software best suits your needs.

  1. Non-Stop Content For Blogs

Later down the road, you can transform your podcast transcriptions into blog posts to better engage and increase your audience; This can also keep your website or blog fresh and booming with new content. It also reminds the audience of previous podcasts which can result in more views and downloads over time. This way, you can get valuable feedback from your audience in the form of readers’ comments.

Bottom Line.

The benefits mentioned above should be more than enough for convincing you and many others to transcribe their podcasts. The advantages provided are many and can benefit both content creators and consumers. It is a win-win situation for everyone and should be highly encouraged and endorsed by everyone.

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