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The Wilds Season 2: What We Know About Its Renewal And Its Release Date Info

The wilds is an amazing American drama series from the creator Sarah Streicher on the streaming program Amazon Prime video. The series is about a group of young girls whose plane crashes, and they were lost on a stranded deserted Island. The first season of the series arrived on December 11, 2020 with 10 amazing episodes, and fans of the series now asking for the wilds season 2.

Are we going to have the second season of the series?

Sorry to report as the second season of the series is not officially renewed by the streaming program Amazon Prime video. It is too soon to expect the wilds season 2 as the first season recently came on the platform amazon Prime.

We won’t be getting the renewal approval soon as the platform will take some time to analyze the ratings and viewership of the first season and then green light the second season of the series.

It is also reported by the creator of the series that they have already planned The wilds season 2, but we have to wait for the official confirmation from Amazon Prime video.

Expected release date for the second season

If The Wilds season to get the renewal approval in time, then still we have to wait for a longer period of time to watch the second season.

The Wilds: Will There Be a Season 2? | POPSUGAR Entertainment
Source: POPSUGAR .com

The reason is because of the production work; we expect that the filming work for the second season will take some time to finish and the coronavirus pandemic will also affect the production work, and it will be a challenging task for the creator and the cast member of the series.

We expect that fans will be able to watch The Wilds seasons 2 in late 2021, and we will update this once we get the official arrival details.

Who all will return for the second season

For now, we don’t have the official cast details for the second season; however we expect that these stars will return for the upcoming season.

  • Rachel Griffiths as Gretchen Klein
  • Shannon Berry as Dot Campbell
  • Sarah Pidgeon as Leah Rilke
  • Sophia Taylor Ali as Fatin Jadmani
  • Erana James as Toni Shalifoe


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