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Alita Battle Angel 2: Is The Second Installment Confirmed To Happen? What’s The Officials Update

Alita Battle Angel is a famous Sci-Fi movie that has been inspired from a Manga series of the identical name. The movie is from the creator Robert Rodriguez, and the writer of the movie is James Cameron. The storyline of the Sci-Fi movie is amazing to watch, and it is about a Cyborg who was rescued by a scientist, and then she begins her journey to know more about her past. After watching the first part of the movie, fans are now waiting to see Alita battle angel 2.

Here’s what Robert Rodriguez revealed about Alita battle Angel 2

We finally have the official reports, which reveal that the creator of this movie has reported in an official interview that he is confident for the sequel movie.

The creator also reported that Alita battle Angel 2 will happen on the streaming program Disney+. We also know Disney has finally purchased the rights of this Sci-Fi movie from fox.

Alita Battle Angel 2 release date to be Fast Tracked after Petition for  Sequel demands Heats up
Source: Hiptoro.com

There are many fans who are now waiting for the sequel, so the creator will surely make the second part of this science fiction movie. There were many fans who started campaigning for the sequel movie, and it appears that Disney is convinced in making Alita Battle Angel 2.

When fans will be able to watch Alita battle Angel 2

We all know that the sequel movie will happen in the future, but fans have to wait for its arrival. The creator of the sci-Fi movie is currently busy with his other projects.

We expect that the filming work for the sequel will take some serious time to start, and we won’t be getting the second part soon on the screens. There is no official release date announced for Alita Battle Angel 2. However, we expect the sequel will release in mid-2023. Stay tuned to get the official arrival details when the makers announce it.


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