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Creed 3: Get To Know What The Cast Member Of This Movie Tessa Thompson Has Revealed About It

Creed is a sports drama movie from the writer Juel Taylor. The storyline of this movie is about the heavyweight champion adonis Creed, and it is amazing to watch, and till now, we have two parts of this sports drama. The movie has created a huge fanbase, and everyone is now waiting to watch creed 3. Get to know everything about the third part of this sports drama movie.

Here’s what Tessa Thompson has revealed about Creed 3

The sequel movie got a good response from the fans and critics, so it was reported that creed 3 will happen. The cast member of the movie Tessa Thompson has revealed some updates about the third installment of this sports drama movie during an official meeting.

So it is confirmed that Michael B Jordan will be going to direct the third part of this movie, and he is also the who plays the lead role of adonis in the movie. It was also reported that Creed 3 would happen in late 2021.

Michael B. Jordan Will Direct and Star in 'Creed 3' | IndieWire
Source: IndieWire.com

Expected release date of Creed 3

It appears that fans of this movie series have to wait for the third part. The production work for the third part will start in late 2021, and it will take some serious time to complete.

We don’t have any official release date set for Creed 3; however, we expect the third part will release on the big screens in 2023. The writer of this movie is currently working on the script, and the movie is in the pre-production phase.

Who all will return for the third part

As earlier reported, fans will be able to watch Michael B Jordan returning as Adonis Creed, and he will be the Director for the third installment. Tessa Thompson will be going to appear as Bianca, and fans will also see Sylvester Stallone returning as Robert Balboa.


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