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Biohackers Season 2: Is There Any Official Release Date Out For The Second Season?

Biohackers is an amazing thriller series on the streaming program Netflix from the creator Christian Ditter. We got the first season of this German thriller series on August 20, 2020, and the first season got a good response from all the subscribers of Netflix. After watching the first season fans are now waiting for biohackers season 2. Here’s we have all the latest details for the second season.

Will, there be Biohackers Season 2

The first season of the series was loved by many fans and also got good reviews from the critics, so the streaming program Netflix officially renewed biohackers season 2.

The renewal approval for the second season was given soon after the ending of the first season. Netflix quickly renewed the second season because the first season got good response. It’s a good news for all the fans for the 2nd season as they will finally get the second season of the German thriller series.

Is there any release date for Biohackers Season 2

We feel bad to report as the second season of the series doesn’t have any specific release date announced by Netflix.

Biohackers season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more
Source: Netflix Life.com

The production work has not started for the second season, and it is reported that the creator will start the production work from March 2021 so fans have to wait for the arrival of the second season. The expected release date of biohacker season 2 is January 2022. We will update this once we get the official release date for the second season.

Other major details

We don’t have enough details about the cast members returning for the second season however we expect these stars will surely return for biohackers season 2. We also have the official report, which revealed that the coming season would have more ethical concerns about biohacking and fans will finally know what happened between mia and Tanja Lorenz.

  • Luna Wedler
  • Thomas Prenn
  • Jessica Schwarz
  • Adrian Julius Tillmann
  • Jing Xiang


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