The sewerage system came into existence many decades ago, during 3000 BC. The people of the Indus valley civilization developed a basic sewerage system, where the washed away excreta are used as fertilizers in the field. This system lacked hygiene and proper disposal. Over the years, with the development of technology, a conventional drainage system came into existence. 

In this generation, the sewerage system is well connected with pipelines and linked. The sewer pipe relining cost is charged per meter. It changes from place to place according to the length of the pipe required. The relining of the pipe prevents leakages, if any. This wastewater is being treated and reused again. The other resources are not polluted by following reusing techniques.


The board of water supply and sewerage was developed in Sydney in 1888. More than 25,000 kilometres are connected with sewer pipelines to manage the wastewater accordingly. The pipelines from each household are linked to the main sewer networks. The sewer pipe relining cost depends on various factors, and some of them are listed below. 

  • DIAMETER OF THE PIPES – The diameter or the width of the pipe quotes the charges for relining. If the diameter of the pipe is big, the work, tools, cuts, liner, resins, time, and cost also gets higher accordingly.
  • THE LENGTH AND THE BENDS – The length and the bends present in a stretch of a pipe, where it has to be repaired, also affects the sewer pipe relining cost.
  • JUNCTIONS – The inspection point and the junctions are significant aspects of any sewerage pipeline. It may require the use of a robotic cutting tool which will be added to the bill.
  • OTHERS – The other factors which affect the sewer pipe relining cost are the No-dig pipelines, trenchless pipelines, and environmental factors.


The sewerage pipes link all areas, cities, houses and work as a network. Many different types of sewerage treatment methodologies are used to treat wastewater effectively. This sewerage water is treated using different processes like chemical, physical, biological, or uses sludge treatment methods. The principles of treatment are based on three main stages and are primary, secondary, and tertiary stages.

  • Primary – In this stage, the large solid particles like plastics, food wastes, cotton, wipes, and others are all separated. The liquid matter only remains at the end of this stage.
  • Secondary – Some kinds of microorganisms are added in this stage, which will potentially break down nutrient compounds present in the wastewater like phosphorus and nitrogen. Once all these are removed, the biosolid or the activated sludge will remain. These are separated and used as fertilizers in agriculture, horticulture, and others.
  • Tertiary – In this stage, the remaining fluid is disinfected with chlorine or is treated with ultraviolet light to kill all the left out microorganisms or small particles present in the water.

After the treatment, the water is drained into rivers or oceans. The recycled wastewater has been used for flushing, watering plants, construction sites, and others. 


As the technology has been developed extensively, robotics has been used in monitoring the sewerage pipe network throughout. A moving sensor that can identify and indicate any cracks, breakages, or leakages, if any. It also can detect problems in advance so that necessary measures can be taken to prevent further damages. Photogrammetry and sonar technologies have also been used to improve monitoring. Even Sydney trains dogs to trace any leakages or blockages by sniffing. Many strategies have been implemented to improvise water treating techniques and also lessen the odour from the wastewater. The recycling process is encouraged rather than discharging treated water in oceans and rivers. Using recycled water also helps us conserve water resources.


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