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The Prosport you must know!

 Prosport provides several innovative products that are used on the vehicles for its customers. They manufacture innumerable gauges and fabricate and distribute elusive gauge products that are used to employ on all vehicle applications. Prosport provides gauges and continues to design and produce products that every universal automotive enthusiast can treasure. The products made here are developed given two crucial and vital elements: the latest trend and the hottest design. 

Founded by an Air Force veteran, the auto parts manufacturer is based out in Pukekohe, Auckland. Well, the brand is known for its forte in making remarkably eye-catching aftermarket gauge clusters. It is an excellent choice for any motorsport professional globally. Despite being fundamental to the world of racing, Prosport has always believed in delivering the ideal product in quality to its customers. 


Gauges are typically diagnostic tools in a car that display information about a variety of systems. Gauges are displayed on the dashboard, behind the steering wheel. A gauge helps apprehend fluctuations or issues before it causes any severe damage. Gauges are of different types with diverse functions.

 The most commonly used or found gauges are:

  • Speedometer: it is vital to keep a check on the speed at which one is driving. The modern speedometers are extraordinary in displaying the speed with the help of an electronic sensor that measures the wheel speed. It is found on the dashboard above the steering wheel.
  • Fuel: even the fuel gauge is found on the dashboard gauge necessary for indicating a warning light when there are 1-2 gallons of Fuel left, i.e., ‘E’ or when empty.
  • Temperature: the temperature gauge helps measure the internal temperature of the engine’s coolant.
  • Tachometer: The Tachometer in the car is essential in showing the car engine’s RPM or revolutions per minute.
  • Oil pressure: it measures the oil pressure in the car.

Other than the above mentioned, the voltmeter gauge and the odometer gauge are also used commonly. Gauges from Prosport are a preferred and trusted choice for many car enthusiasts worldwide. One can explore numerous gauge clusters.

The products available are not limited only to a myriad of gauges, but they also excel in offering many engines, interior, and exterior accessories. 


An engine is the heart and soul of any car, and it must be treated likewise. Car engines are efficient enough in using less amount of energy. The auto parts of the engine components from this brand ensure to keep everything under the control of the car that works to provide maximum performance and for the benefit of one’s own needs. An engine is a complicated machine that operates on basic principles. The engine is started by a single spark, which sets off a chain of reactions that compress, burn, and expand to provide power to the vehicle.

Interior and Exterior: 

The interior and exterior portions of the car need the right upgrades that are required in adding a lot more comfort and customizability. It is said that the interior and exterior of the vehicle must match one’s personality. There are many ways to modify a car, be it from the engine and exhaust system of the vehicle to suspension and cooling.

In conclusion, the company specializes in making superior products that one needs to press out every final bit of potential control.


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