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How To Start Your Arts and Crafts Business

Starting your own arts and crafts business means taking your creative talent and putting a price on it – you take what you love and grow a business out of it. Whether you make sustainably knitted handbags or handcrafted pottery, your skill and creative interests can also help you pay your bills. While this sounds romantic and a great way to ‘work,’ it also requires time and a lot of focus. It is integral that you put your mind to getting your business off the ground. If you are wondering whether to start, this blog will give you a few guiding tips to getting up and running. 

Figure Out Why You Want to start The Business

Turning a passion into a business can be challenging work, so you must enter with the right mindset and know why you want to start the business. This means doing some soul searching to understand what the company means to you and understanding what you want the business to stand for. For example, suppose you are making sustainable bags. In that case, you will need to consider how to represent sustainability in every asset of the company, from where you source your wool to how you ship to customers. 

Do Your Market Research 

Once you have established what type of business you want to create and the values it holds, it is time to start doing your market research. This won’t take too long, but you must get a thorough impression of the market you are entering. You do not want to start a sustainable bag brand if you find hundreds of people doing the same thing. However, if this is the case, make sure you find a unique selling point to help your brand stand out. 

Decide Where You Want To sell

When you feel you have established a unique identity within the market, you are ready to get your business off the ground. However, the next step is to make sure you know where your customers are and sell your wares. 

Before the days of the internet, arts and crafts were sold at markets, vintage fairs, and other unique locations. Since then, Etsy and other e-commerce platforms have arrived on the scene, making it a lot easier for makers and creatives to sell their products. It is, therefore, essential to find what the best platform is for your brand. For example, there are several different eCommerce sites, such as Redbubble Art Marketplace, geared more towards arts and crafts sellers. The great thing about marketing your products here is that it is the perfect place to be inspired. As anyone with a love of arts and crafts like you will find, you are unique, but it doesn’t hurt to get inspiration. Purchase some items from here and see what other people are selling and how they are successful. It might help to use a coupon or two to save some money. 

Naming Your Business

The final but most crucial step in setting up your arts and crafts business is naming your company. What name do you want to represent your business identity? This is a fun but challenging process that should take time. Remember, if you do not use your own name for the business, you will need to check copyright laws to ascertain whether the name is available for you to use. 


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