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Zack Snyder Directs Sci-Fi, Adventure Epic “Rebel Moon” for Netflix

Zack Snyder is set to direct a new film for Netflix. The movie, titled Rebel Moon, will be an exciting sci-fi and adventure epic that will have all the action and suspense of a Zack Snyder movie.

About “Rebel Moon”!

Rebel Moon is a new movie that Zack Snyder will direct for Netflix. This film will be an exciting sci-fi and adventure epic, with all the action and suspense you would expect from one of Snyder’s movies. Rebel Moon is set to release next year on Netflix!

The series focuses less on science fiction as it does sci-fi adventure tales from different perspectives including that of an astronaut husband/father navigating life among colonies in space, a military mother taking care of children alone aboard a spaceship headed towards Alpha Centauri, and aspiring astronauts discovering what it means to go into never before seen areas of the universe that they may not return from.

Zack Snyder To Direct Sci-Fi Pic 'Rebel Moon' For Netflix – Deadline
Source: Deadline.com

The series is a perfect example of how Netflix continues to work with creators around the world and across different genres to offer our members uniquely compelling stories,” said Lisa Nishimura Vice President of Original Documentaries & Comedy at Netflix. “Zack Snyder has always been an innovator in his filmmaking, inspiring people all over the world through iconic films like 300 and Man Of Steel.”


The story follows Amy Adams as she works on a moon base where tests are being conducted by NASA scientists (including her husband) who have discovered lifeforms near Jupiter’s moons Europa and Io. It turns out that these creatures represent the next stage in evolution – they can communicate without language or sound. But soon their peaceful way of life is threatened when military forces show up led by Sean Bean which covets this discovery for power over others…

The war escalates as both sides fight for control of the moon base and its inhabitants.

In Rebel Moon, Amy Adams plays Olivia Hall – a doctor who is in charge of running a small medical unit on the moon’s surface while her husband Gerry (played by James Brolin) researches with NASA scientists near Jupiter’s moons Europa and Io… One day an armed military team led by Sean Bean shows up at their lunar outpost to claim ownership over this lifeform discovery from Earth. It soon becomes clear that there are surprises yet to be discovered about these creatures… will they bring peace or destruction?

The movie focuses mainly on two things: science fiction adventure and love stories; it has all the action and suspense you would expect from a film of this genre but also has the heart and emotional depth that make it resonate.

The movie is set on an Earth on which environmental disaster looms. The only hope for survival is to colonize space, so we’ve reached out into our solar system with probes and astronauts to find new home planets beyond the reach of unfiltered sunlight—the result being two worlds orbiting Jupiter: Europa (a moon) and Io (an active volcano-filled world). NASA scientist Gerry Adams (played by James Brolin) leads a team exploring these foreign locations while his wife Laura Adams (Jennifer Connelly), who serves as a director at their outpost on Earth’s nearest neighbor Phobos, monitors missions remotely using virtual reality.

Rebel Moon is set in a future where the Earth’s resources have been depleted and we’re scrambling to find new homes. NASA scientist Gerry Adams (James Brolin) leads missions exploring Jupiter moons Europa and Io with his wife Laura Adams (Jennifer Connelly), who monitors remotely using virtual reality after being left behind on Phobos, while their daughter is back at home carrying out her own research project for school.

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