Aftersun: Paul Mescal Mesmerizes In Charlotte | Review Of The Show


The Aftersun series of events features some of the most fascinating, captivating, and talented musicians today. Paul Mescal is one of those young musicians that make you think “who is this man?” With many genres under his belt, he has been able to create an innovative and stunning show that left audiences captivated.  After leaving a night with him at the Music Hall of Charlotte, I was literally in awe! The show was amazing and put me in the headspace he was trying to achieve. It gave you a feel of what it would be like to be on a psychedelic journey through time, space, and mind-bending love. He played one song for over an hour and a half -with more than half that time dedicated to the meditative section of his set! He took us on an adventure through multiple times and places all from his imagination which was acted out with a vibrant array of new-age musical tones. There are many musical aspects that I could talk about during this set, but I think I will keep this review short so people have time to focus on the show itself.

Do you know about the release date of the Aftersun series:

This series will be released on 18  November 2022. Also, the series has 4 parts and it has already been released in 4 parts. Part 5 will be released soon. This review is going to be a bit different than the other ones I have written; because this was an innovative and captivating show that you can’t miss. For me, Paul Mescal took us on a journey through multiple places and times, in his mind, all from his imagination. The first section of his show was very meditative with soothing music, just the thing to get your dreamy self going. But once the music slowed down a bit, things got interesting… Like going on an alien-like crystal trip to another place. At this point, it’s like you are being hypnotized into believing this is happening.

Here is the plot of the Aftersun series discussed:

The plot of the entire series is about a young girl that wakes up from a coma and creates an imaginary world to escape reality. All of this happens through the use of his musical soundscapes, which you get to experience in this review. I would say it’s a blend of Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Folk, New Age, Space Rock, and Alternative R&B/Soul. 

The Name of Cast & Characters of the Aftersun series:

  • Paul Mescal · Calum 
  • Frankie Corio · Sophie 
  • Celia Rowlson-Hall · Adult Sophie 
  • Kayleigh Coleman · Jane 
  • Sally Messham · Belinda

What inspired the director to write the Aftersun series?

The series is inspired by my own life as a young adult when I used to daydream like this. And also how often I would listen to some of the music that was around me at this time in my life and wonders what it would be like if it was real. The emotions, feelings, and thoughts that these songs inspired were very inspiring for me as a young individual. The aftersun series is continuing and there is going to be more hard work coming up on part 6 coming soon. Aftersun series is an audio-visual journey through time, space, and mind-bending love.

Who are the director’s favorite characters and why?

My favorite character is Sophie because it’s based on me so I can relate to her more than any other character. The story is based on my own life and the way that I used to daydream as a young adult who was in a coma (kind of like Sophie).

How long did it take to make all the songs?

I would say around 2 years but some of them were written quite a while before that. My brother came up with the idea for the first song [‘Shelter’] when we were both about 17 years old and I started to write my lyrics around 3 years later. 

What themes does the Aftersun series explore?

The themes of the series are about finding spirituality, inner peace, and love through experiencing the world around you. It shows you that your imagination is like a shelter that you can create for yourself to escape the harshness of reality. 


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