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American Idol season 20: Back with showrunner change.

The American Idol season 20 is back with a major change in the showrunner. The singing competition television series was created by Simon Fuller. American Idol has been on for 19 seasons so far and next year it will be the 20th season. American Idol was first aired in 2002. The show was moved from FOX to ABC in 2018. It received mixed reviews from critics. Some people said that American Idol should have ended long ago while others were sad to see it go.

There are many rumors about what the show might bring next. But one thing is for sure that this year there are major changes in the crew. We can check out more about the show and the revived audition process in this blog. So, stay tuned.

The American Idol season 20: Set to have a new showrunner

Trish Kinane was the showrunner of the show since before ABC took over the show. Now, the new showrunner is Megan Michaels Wolflick. She was part of the show since season two.

The American Idol season 20 to have both virtual and online mode.

The makers have altered the audition process of the show. Earlier, the producers and Judges tour across all the major cities in the country. They will stop at some cities and conduct the audition of the contestants. But covid-19 pandemic has altered this mode. They have now switched over to virtual and online auditions. Contestants preferring auditions in front of the Producer can opt for the virtual model of the audition. Else, contestants can submit their audiotape online.

When does The American Idol season 20 release?

The show is expected to debut on February 13, 2022. All its previous seasons were released around this time. So, we can expect the series to premiere in Winter. The show will be wrapped up in May 2022.

What is the production status of the show?

The American Idol season 20 is currently in its early stages. The show’s producers are holding auditions across the US, Atlanta being one of them. Production has started officially. It will be complete after all audition processes have been conducted successfully.

The judges of season 20

The series was revived by ABC in 2018. Ever since the series was aired on ABC, the amazing trio of judges was the part of the show. They will reappear in this season too. They are :

  • Luke Bryan who is the country superstar
  • Katy Perry who is the Pop Princess
  • Lionel Richie who is the songwriter

Is there any change in the host?

No, there is no change in the host of the show. Ryan Seacrest will reappear. He is the only talent in the show who is part of the show when the series was premiered by FOX as well as ABC.

What is the format of the show?

The American Idol season 20 will be the same as earlier seasons. The show has three rounds of auditions, a Hollywood round, a Semi-final stage, and then finalists are chosen in the finale who are voted by American viewers. The winning contestant will receive a record deal with major albums. What makes the show unique is that the winner gets a chance to work with about six albums.

What can we expect in season 20?

We can expect this season to be more entertaining. Fans and music lovers are excited for the show to release.

What do we think of the show?

It is a unique television series and has been running for almost 19 years now. It means it can not go wrong with their format as long as they don’t make any drastic changes to change what works. The fans loved this show because it gave them an opportunity to discover new talent from across America. Otherwise, they would have never received their shot at superstardom without the show.

Is it worth watching?

Many people think that American idol is not a good competition for singers. But there are many people out there who love this series because they get multiple chances to prove their talent. If you have an interest in singing definitely this season can make your day exciting. It’s better to watch the judges perform live on stage rather than listening to them from behind the screen.

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