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Archer Season 13: Renewed officially!!

Archer Season 13 is renewed officially announced in September 2021. The series is an American adult sitcom created by Adam Reed for FX. Archer’s season 12 release date was August 25, 2021. Season 13 will be released sometime in 2022. Archer is a show about Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) who works for the International Secret Intelligence Service as a spy and self-proclaimed “world’s greatest secret agent.”

Archer Season 13: Renewal Status

It is happy news that the series will continue its long-running stretch. The series has so far garnered positive reviews. The renewal news was expected by the fans. The series is renewed for season 13 by FXX. It was officially announced by the makers in September 2021. So far, the series has aired 118 episodes. Fans were expecting more of the spy comedy-drama.

When do Archer Season 13 release?

Season 12 of the series is still premiering. It is set to wrap up on October 6, 2021. Before the finale of season 12, the Internet was abuzz with reports on renewal. Now, the series is renewed. Season 13 is scheduled for release in 2022. The first episode of Archer season 13 will be aired at the same time as season 12. As per showrunners, there are no plans to end it anytime soon.

What is the series all about?

The Archer season 13 revolves around Archer, a handsome, strong, and intelligent man. He is the world’s greatest spy at ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service).

Archer characters are funny but so real that fans find them relatable to their other half or friends in life too! Archer Season 12 premiere date was January 16th this year on FX Network. Yes!!! With such rich content and an engaging storyline, there is no doubt why it’s one of America’s most popular adult sitcoms ever made!!

The death of Jessica Walter

The talented voice cast of Malory Archer passed away in March. The show makers will find it difficult to fill her place. But, Jessica Walter recorded for Malory Archer’s voice for season 12. The creative crew of the series will continue with the character anyway.

Is the series worth watching?

It’s a funny and action-packed show with brilliant characters and amazing storylines – definitely worth watching!! It would not disappoint you if you like spy comedy or dark humor shows! We bet this one won’t let you down either way!! Go watch now!!!

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