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Best tips for industrial office interior design

Industrial office interior design incorporates three but is not limited to the following elements: metal, glass, and wood. The word “industrial” in this context has taken on a new meaning when used in association with modern home decorating trends. It is no longer limited to brick walls and metal beams; industrial design can encompass all sorts of materials, from metal tiles to planks of wood.

While the industrial look is certainly a popular one with home decorators, it isn’t always appropriate for every office type. let’s look at some industrial office interior design tips

1. Embrace the industrial look with construction-themed decor

Incorporate your workplace’s industrial address into a chic atmosphere with vintage postcards, maps and sketches of existing or proposed construction sites.

For a more modern spin on this idea, throw in some steel appliances – even if they’re just coffee pots – for an instant touch of the industrial aesthetic without going overboard.

2. Add some glass walls

Adding glass is a great way to make small spaces appear larger as the natural light bouncing off it will help reduce shadows giving the illusion of depth and space where there may be none. Floor-to-ceiling paned doors will give those who work there a sense of privacy while adding lots of natural illumination from outside that can be controlled via blinds and curtains.

3. Incorporate a vintage aesthetic with rustic decor

Although all industrial exterior spaces have a gray, metal or brown hue to them, there are many ways in which you can add your own individualistic stamp by incorporating colors from nature such as wood, leather, fur and steel gray.

4. Create an organized, clutter-free workspace

Forgo over-the-top cubicles. One of the main appeals to working in an office setting is its open concept appeal which can be furthered by providing desks that are large enough to hold multiple sets of paperwork and folders without looking cluttered or disorganized. This will not only give your employees an easier time finding specific information when they need it, but it will also make for a more efficient workflow overall.

5. Complement your choice in furniture with rustic accents

By choosing vintage pieces, you heighten your chance at individuality while making sure the modern design elements you incorporate aren’t too sterile or cold. Choose finishes like antique fruitwood, worn steel and leather to contrast more modern materials like glass, steel and plastic. 6. Choose your lighting carefully

Vintage industrial spaces are renowned for their unique chandeliers made from old tools, machinery parts, discarded tires or even found objects that have been ingeniously repurposed into something uniquely beautiful. They will add some character to an otherwise stark office while creating a conversation piece of sorts when guests come in to visit during the day or after-hours events.

7. Add some greenery

Do not neglect the fact that plants have some of the best psychological benefits known to man, so why would you leave them out of your workspace? If you must keep your space open, do not hesitate to incorporate some potted plants onto surfaces where they can be seen by all, such as bookcases or even countertops.

8. Make use of the space above your head

Although it may not be feasible to put up industrial pipes in an office environment, consider employing other industrial elements such as metals cladding, steel beams, trusses and other ceiling-mounted accessories that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

9. Choose to floor carefully

If you have a choice between carpeting or hardwood floors, go with the latter because they will create a more durable work environment while making cleaning simpler by virtue of being less porous than carpets which always seem to get dirty no matter how often you clean them due to their soft nature.

You can also add elements of the outdoors without going overboard using small pieces of art depicting flowers or trees on walls painted dark green or black, for instance, though this is really up to you and what your personal tastes may be.

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