Devotion “Movie Review”: A Quite Tale Of Allyship Heroics


The Devotion series is an American biographical war movie Devotion is based on Adam Makos’ 2015 book of the same name, which recounts the friendship between navy officers Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner during the Korean War. J. D. Dillard is in charge of directing it, and Jake Crane and Jonathan Stewart wrote the script. The movie is the first studio movie in Hollywood to have a black director. With the United States Navy’s participation in the Korean War, aviation officer Jesse Brown fought against the Imperial Army of North Korea. He was determined to become the country’s first African-American officer to pilot an aircraft carrier despite his status as a black person. To complete this goal, he had to take a test that was designed only for white officers and enlisted men more than once before passing it at last. When he went on his way out after passing his test, Brown died when returning from an inspection trip to Suwon Airfield with James Burch, who was then a lieutenant commander and served as traffic control for UN forces in Korea.

Do you know the release date of the Devotion series:

This series will be released on 25 November 2022. Also, the series has already created hype among the people and it has become a hot topic on social media. The Devotion series is based on the book Devotion written by Adam Makos. The writer’s previous works, including A Higher Call and A Daring Escape, were also published by Penguin Random House respectively and did well in the market. This tells us that Devotion will be a huge hit like its predecessors.

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Here is the plot of the Devotion series discussed:

The plot of Devotion follows the friendship between a young man, James Burch (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who was struggling to gain his wings as a pilot, and an older man, Jesse Brown (Ben Foster), who was determined to become the first African American pilot in the Navy even though he was black. The two men bonded over their shared experience of war, with Burch offering advice and mentorship to Brown. Their bond deepened together but also began to fracture as Burch came out of the closet and fell in love with another man.

The Name of Cast & Characters of the Devotion series:

  • J.D. Dillard
  • Jonathan Majors¬†
  • Glen Powell
  • Christina Jackson
  • Thomas

What can we expect from the Devotion series?

We can expect a film that has a very strong black interest story. The story is about the friendship between a black man and a white man, who are both soldiers. The movie will go deep into the sad reality of America’s fight against racism. The movie has been called ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ by its director, which tells its importance. This war film will bring justice to every black person in America through the series as there is no such film that explains the great struggles of African people in politics and war history.

Who are the director’s favorite characters and why?

The favorite characters of the director seem to be those who have been described as ‘character actors’ in the series. This is because most of them are not famous in comparison to the main characters, for example, James Burch and Thomas Doherty. Though Jesse Brown is more famous than these two, he will probably die at the beginning of the series due to his death in real life. Thus Devotion could be a perfect film if we consider it as a biography.¬†

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What themes does the Devotion series explore?

The themes of war and racism are apparent as the story is set in the Korean War. We can also expect other themes related to friendship and love. The story also looks at the struggles of gay and transgender people in the military. The director says that the film is an allegory to the anti-black racism in America. The series contains war lines, which means that we should expect a strong story about heroism, especially for people who are interested in military issues.

What is the genre of the Devotion movie?

Devotion movies have yet not received any specific genre, most likely they will be drama, war, or history films. If we consider the book that was its source material, then this movie might be a biography too. The release date of the film is 25 November 2022, though, we should expect that the movie will be released in other countries before this American Thanksgiving, as it usually happens.


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