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Dirty Jobs Season 9: Everything You Need to Know!

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Many Dirty Jobs fans were excited when the show was renewed for a season 9 in 2020, but it might be the final one. The show had been on for 18 years and Mike Rowe felt that it was time to move on. Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe is available on Discovery Channel with all of its episodes from seasons 1-8. The ninth season is all set to be released in 2022 and the audience is impatient for its premiere. Dirty Jobs Season 1 has been watched by over 4 million people according to IMDB ratings!

Recap into Dirty Jobs:

Dirty Jobs is an American reality documentary television series that premiered on the Discovery Channel in November 2003. The show Dirty Jobs follows host Mike Rowe as he visits different workplaces to learn about and perform various jobs, many of which are dirty, dangerous, or difficult. Dirty Jobs has had eight seasons. Dirty Jobs are hosted by Mike Rowe, who does all kinds of unpleasant work that other people do not want to do themselves. The show has had positive reviews and was praised for its humor as well as the educational points it makes about various professions.

When is the release date for Dirty Jobs season 9?

Dirty Jobs season nine is set to release on 2nd January 2022. It will premiere on Discovery Channel.

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Making of Dirty Jobs Season 9:

The Dirty Jobs crew is currently in the process of filming Dirty Jobs Season nine. Dirty Jobs season nine is being filmed in various locations across the United States. The Dirty Jobs season nine is currently under production. The production company is Pilgrim Films & Television.

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What is the expected revenue for Dirty Jobs season 9?

Dirty Jobs Season nine is expected to generate a revenue of $11 million. However, it is estimated that the Dirty Jobs season nine viewership will be about the same as the Dirty Jobs viewership in previous seasons. The Dirty jobs viewership is about two million viewers. Dirty Jobs season nine is expected to be a huge success in terms of revenue.

Awards & Nominations:

Dirty jobs are expected to be nominated for some awards, but it will most likely take home a few of them as well. It has been nominated for two awards. Dirty Jobs was nominated for a Prime-time Emmy award in the category of Outstanding Reality Program in 2009. Dirty Jobs also won a CableACE award for Best Informational Series.

The Starring Cast:

Dirty Jobs' star Mike Rowe: Skilled labor needs better PR - UPI.com

Mike Rowe is the host of this series. He is the narrator and one of the main characters. He has worked on many Dirty Jobs.

What is the plot for Dirty Jobs season 9?

The plot will continue with Mike Rowe narrating and advising people on jobs. It follows the unconventional laborers who make living in one of the most unthinkable ways.

What can we expect from Dirty Jobs Season Nine?

Dirty Jobs is an extremely popular show on the Discovery Channel, Dirty jobs season nine will continue to be a hit. Dirty Jobs Season Nine is expected to be just as exciting and informative as the previous seasons. Rowe will explore new professions and work environments, teaching the audience about the various tasks that need to be completed for these jobs to get done. Dirty Jobs is an interesting show because it follows a different profession every episode. Dirty Jobs season nine will focus on things that are unusual, strange, and bizarre too.

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How have Dirty Jobs been received by critics?

Rotten Tomatoes, a website that aggregates reviews from professional critics, has Dirty Jobs at a 78% approval rating. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Dirty Jobs is never boring, thanks to its host Mike Rowe’s enthusiastic curiosity and gift for gab.” Dirty Jobs have been well-received by most critics who appreciate the humor as well as Mike Rowe’s narrations of his adventures in each episode. It is more of an educational show than anything else. Dirty Jobs season nine will also be appreciated by critics for the same reasons.


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