Dollface: No Season 3 for Hulu’s Kat Dennings Comedy


It has been announced by Hulu that Dollface will not be getting a third season. The Kat Dennings comedy was canceled after two seasons. The decision to cancel the show came as a surprise to many, as Dollface had been doing well in the ratings. This is a real shame for American audiences, as Dennings is a charming actress who deserves more work in the future. It is good to see her get this high-profile role on one of the most popular streaming services out there. The series was Hulu’s first original comedy, and it did well enough to become a staple on the service. 

The series ended up being renewed for a second season, which arrived to middling reviews. Some people pointed out this show is nothing more than a carbon copy of Dennings’ better-known show The Kat Dennings Show.

Do you know about the release date of the Dollface Series:

This series will be released on 11 February 2022. You can watch this series on Hulu. You can also watch other shows on the same platform which are: The Handmaid’s Tale, The Loosely Exactly Nicole Show and Marvel’s Runaways.

The story follows Christy (Dennings), a waitress who suffers from extreme anxiety after her boyfriend dumps her at the altar; she then makes a surprise return to the diner where she worked with her ex-husband Matt (Tohn) and soon to be ex-boyfriend Kevin (Richter).

Here is the plot of Dollface Series discussed:

The plot of this series is an outstanding one and is getting better day by day. The story revolves around a girl named Christy who is divorced and can never enjoy her relationship with her husband because of her anxiety syndrome. She gets the breakup news from her boyfriend Kevin. After the breakup, she returns to the diner where she had worked with Kevin.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Dollface Series:

  • Kat Dennings · Jules Wiley 
  • Brenda Song · Madison Maxwell 
  • Shay Mitchell · Stella Cole 
  • Esther Povitsky · Izzy Levine 
  • Beth Grant · Cat Lady

What inspired the director to write the Dollface series?

The series is inspired by the director himself named G.G. Araujo and some characters are inspired by Esther Povitsky. The directors also wanted to make a series where his character will undergo some character problems and social problems.

Why did he decide to make Doll Face his first original work?

The director’s main reason for making the show is that he loves doing comedy and loves writing. He also wants to promote his other projects including Esther Povitsky and Keep It Perfect. Moreover, the director wants to show his versatility through this series.

What were the names of people’s inspirations for Dollface?

Dollface is inspired by a girl named Esther Povitsky who was an inspiration for the show “A Million Little Things”. Esther has got a lot in common with one of the characters in the series Dollface named Izzy Levine. Also, there is a character called Stella Cole in this series who was inspired by a waitress who used to work with him at Trio Restaurant which is at Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles California. The name of this waitress is Stella Cole who is also his friend.

Who is the favorite character in the series and why?

The character Dollface is one of his favorite characters in the series as he knows about her personality traits. She has got a lot of similarities with him. In addition, she is a very simple girl and she also feels very uncomfortable when she gets rejected by people when they have given her something like a gift or even a proposal after they have fallen in love with her.

How did the director get the approval of the network to create this series?

The director got approval from the network after showing them his previous works including “Chocolate” which was first uploaded on YouTube and other projects he had uploaded on YouTube including Esther Povitsky and Keep it Perfect which earned millions of views.

Has the director ever thought of ending the series?

The directors never thought of ending this series because they are very excited about working on this project. He also got an idea to make a third season in the series which intends to add other characters to this project.

Did the director ever try to lean into any other genre?

The director has never tried doing other genres in his entire life, but he is thinking about that and trying out new genres just for fun and new ideas from time to time.” The director also said that he wants to do more serious movies as he loves watching them.


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