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Dollface Season 2 Trailer: A Celebration of Women

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Dollface is back for another season! Dollface Season 2 Trailer, the new series will premiere on Netflix in December. Dollface is a show that celebrates women of all sizes and shapes, but it’s also about empowerment. Watch the trailer below to get excited for Dolls face Season 2 coming out this December! I can’t wait to see their next season. The theme song has changed this time around, it will feature a full song instead of a rap beat like the last season had. It sounds like they have a new host this time around. I’m hoping that they will bring back some of their previous hosts. They had no problems bringing them back in the past, even though they are usually squashed by the way some people vote on Netflix. Their last season was amazing and so different from other shows. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

Do you know about the release date of the Dollface Season 2 Trailer:

This trailer has already been released on 11 January 2022. The date was announced by the Netflix team along with the release date of the next Stranger Things season. “Dollface” was released and stars Joyelle Nicole among others. In it, members of the public turn to online modelling agencies in an effort to create their own “Dollface” avatar and become known as ‘The Ultimate Social Media Superhero.

Here is the Plot of the Dollface Season 2 Trailer:

Dollface Season 2 Trailer is the story of a young girl named Jackie who suffers from body image issues and decides to accept an invitation from her friend Kylie to try out the new, cutting-edge virtual reality game “Dollface” which allows you to be anyone you want with a few clicks on a computer. 

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Jackie is thrilled to see that she can be so much more than what she imagines herself as even if it’s only online. When Jackie comes across a group of women who are building their own Dollface avatars, she discovers that they create strength and confidence through this empowering experience. With the guidance of her new friends, her popularity builds and she gains followers in real life just as she does in Dollface.

The Cast and Characters of Dollface Season 2 Trailer:

  • Jackie is played by Joyelle Nicole,
  • Kylie is played by Shauna Geronimo,
  • Lisa is played by Dora Basco,
  • Marissa is played by Gwen Sirena,
  • Kayla is played by Bernadette Sembrano, and
  • Emily is played by Kristine Teodosio

What can we expect from Dollface Season 2 based on the trailer?

We expect to see more of the same but we think they will touch on more serious issues that every young woman out there faces today. We believe this will be a show that might feature mental health issues in one or two episodes. We also hope to tackle some taboo topics like body image and eating disorders, things that are very real in women’s lives today.

Is Jackie going to be the main character in Dollface Season 2 Trailer:

Based on the trailer, it seems that she will be the main character for this season, but she will have a new look and personality. She might even have a new name now that the show has moved from one season to another. We believe they will reveal the name of the next season in December, so stay tuned!

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What other characters might be in the new season?

We expect to see a lot of the same faces from last season return including donning the Dollface avatars, but what about some new, fresh faces? We believe there will be some new avatars this season and we wonder who they might be? The only character we’re sure is returning so far is Jackie.

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