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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero English Sub Trailer Ahead of August

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero English Sub Trailer Ahead of August. Dragon Ball fans were given a treat today as the first trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie aired earlier than expected. The trailer, which is in English, gives us a sneak peek of the new movie which is set to come out in August of this year. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of changes to the franchise which we’ll talk about in a bit.

No idea why they even bothered to air this trailer ahead of release instead of the dub, the U.S dub is already out in Japan and doing fairly well. But don’t worry, it’ll be dubbed later on when it comes out here.

Do you know about the release date of the Dragon Ball Super Series:

This series will be released on 11 June 2022. Also, the series has been released on YouTube earlier. The trailer of the series has not been released till now. It will be released with subs and dubs. The trailer of this series was released on YouTube, it was the first time that the trailer of a new DB manga had been released before its release date. The first episode of the series is going to be downloaded or streamed as subs or dub as it gets released later on in June/July.

Here is the plot of the Dragon Ball Super Series discussed:

The plot of this series is also lesser-known and has not been released yet. But fans are expecting it to be much better than the previous Dragon Ball Series. The series is expected to be more action-packed and more interesting. It’s not known yet how many episodes will be included in the series. But rumors about 25 episodes have been spread all over the internet. The rumors also say that each episode would be longer than usual and also very interesting to watch.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Dragon Ball Super Series:

  • Toshio Furukawa · Piccolo 
  • Aya Hirano · Dende 
  • Aya Hisakawa · Bulma 
  • Ryô Horikawa · Vegeta 
  • Miyu Irino · Dr. Hedo

What is the Dragon Ball Super Series about?

Dragon Ball Super is action-packed to watch. The series is about dragon balls. It’s about the search for the dragon balls. But that’s not it, it’s also about how many people are involved in this action, fighting each other and having fun in it. The series is about good vs evil. The series is also about Goku, he’s been gone for a long time and many people have tried to fight him. But today, he’s back, and not only that, but he’s Super Saiyan Blue. This means he has been trained enough and has become the strongest being in the universe.

Who are the main characters in the series?

The main character of the series is Goku, fans are very excited to see him back and ready for action. The second main character of the series is Vegeta, fans haven’t seen a lot of him lately but he’s here again and stronger than ever. The third main character of the series is Frieza, Frieza has also been shown to be stronger than ever in this series. 

How many episodes are in the series so far?

The episodes of the series are unknown, but fans are expecting it to be full of action and drama. The series is expected to be way better than the previous one. The series is around 16 episodes long. The series’ next episode is scheduled to release on July 15th.

How many characters have been added to this series?

There are many characters in the Dragon Ball Super Series, some have also been introduced too and others have returned from the past. The new characters in the series are powerful they have also been known to be extremely strong.

What is the trailer of the series about?

The trailer of the series has been released, some say it’s an awesome one but others don’t seem to agree. It feels like a lot of work was put into this trailer and a lot of time as well. The trailer has given fans a sneak peek into what we can expect from the series. Some are ecstatic about what they have seen while others are not so thrilled with it.

What changes have been made in the upcoming DB series?

There have been many changes in this series that fans really like. Some of these changes include an art style that’s closer to Fist of the North Star and a more modern theme song as opposed to Dragon Soul from Z.

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