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Gladiator 2: A 2000 Epic Historical Drama

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Gladiator 2 plot is a 2000 epic historical drama and the sequel to the Academy Award-winning Gladiator. The plot follows Maximus as he tries to save Rome from his son, who has been corrupted by power, and seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. The film was directed by Ridley Scott and stars Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Ralf Moller, Djimon Hounsou as well as other cast members such as Oliver Reed (who passed away during filming).

What is Gladiator All About?

Gladiator’s plot is a 2000 epic historical drama that follows Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, who was betrayed and became enslaved. Gladiator plot takes place in Ancient Rome as General Maximus (Russell Crowe) is betrayed by Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. After his family is murdered and he is left for dead, Maximus rises to seek revenge against those who betrayed him and destroyed everything he had fought so hard to achieve.

Releasing Date of the Gladiator 2:

The release date for the 2nd part Gladiator has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be on screens in 2022.

Who is the Producer?

The production for the Gladiator sequel is going to be on a smaller scale, as Ridley Scott has no plans of directing the second installment.


The Gladiator sequel is going to be filmed in Australia and the Canary Islands, as both of these locations had been used for filming some parts of the original movie.

How Much Revenue Can Be Expected from Gladiator 2 ?

Gladiator was a huge success at the box office. It had a budget of around $110 million. The film grossed over $460 million worldwide. It had an additional amount of more than 200 million in DVD, VHS, and TV sales.

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Gladiator won a total of 12 awards in 2000 from different award events. It includes three Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Best Sound Mixing at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards.

Who Would be Starring in Gladiator 2?

The cast of Gladiator was a big success and all the actors have huge fan followings.

  • Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius
  • Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus, his son, and heir to the throne who murders him to ascend that throne
  • Connie Nielsen as Lucilla, sister of Marcus Aurelius, lover of Maximus
  • Oliver Reed as Proximo, a retired gladiator who trained the young Maximus and later becomes his right-hand man.

The plot of Gladiator 2:

The plot follows Maximus Decimus Meridius who was the gladiator champion for Emperor Marcus Aurelius before being betrayed by his rival Commodus. He escaped death at the hands of Commodus and went into hiding. Maximus is now a slave and gladiator for the entertainment of others, even though he does not want to be or fight anymore.

Gladiator’s plot is a 2000 epic historical drama film, based on the life of Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius. After he was betrayed and his family murdered by an emperor’s corrupt son, Maximus becomes a gladiator. He seeks revenge with help from the powerful God of War Amun Ra who grants him superhuman abilities.

Reviews for Gladiator:

Several critics have praised the movie, including Roger Ebert. He awarded it four stars out of four. Robert wrote that “Maximus is a great character, larger than life but human enough to evoke our sympathy”. In his review in The New York Times, A. O Scott praised the director for his “heroic realism”. Forbes magazine criticized Scott’s direction but praised everything else about the film. He said it is “a thoroughly enjoyable popcorn picture that will win converts to Kubrick or Gibson (or both)”.

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The film has a 91% “certified fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The summary states are that the movie is “an immersive experience and offers viewers two hours of solid entertainment”. Gladiator received a positive response from critics with many praising the plot, cast, and production.

What can the Audience Expect?

This sequel to Gladiator has been highly anticipated. The plot, cast of characters, and production have all been well received by critics which is a great factor for the upcoming box-office revenue.

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