Home Economics: Topher Grace Dishes on ‘That ’70s Show’


The Home Economics series on That ’70s Show was one of the most popular shows, and it’s not hard to see why. The wholesome sitcom brought audiences a surprising amount of laughs from topics that typically weren’t seen on primetime television at the time. Topher Grace, who played Eric Forman in this series as well as other projects in his career, took some time to discuss what people might not know about his role which is just one small part of a very large body of work. The actor shared some stories about his conception of the character and even went into detail on how his own life was influenced by the show.

Topher Grace talks about his character’s conception and shares what questions That ’70s Show fans would never want to know the answers to. The actor also says that to work with a cast as talented as this one, an actor needs to bring their A-game or they’ll be left behind. He also touches upon why actors often get typecast, and what he thinks about the increasing amount of movies featuring teenagers in a parental role.

Do you know about the release date of the Home Economics series:

This series will be released on 21 September 2022. Also, the series has not been directed by any person as it’s a documentary series. The film has been produced by Sony Pictures Television and written by an unknown. The series is narrated and produced by Alan Ruck. The series is categorized as a Family TV series. This documentary is about the period of the 1970s, the theme, and it will tell you about what was in vogue at that time and how people were dressing. Also, this period played an important part in people’s lives and terms of fashion. So what women wore, what men wore, what teenagers wore etc.

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Here is the plot of the Home Economics series discussed:

The plot of this series is a comedy and drama. The story of this series will portray the period of the ’70s, soon after the 1900s. This drama represents ’70s backdrops which are located in Michigan Point, Illinois. This era was one of the best decades because it had a great impact on so many things that happened around the world not just at home. The lifestyle and habits of people were very different from each other and they had their own culture that was unique to them only. They enjoyed music, movies, etc. very differently from other cultures and with different types of enjoyment.

The Name of Cast & Characters of the Home Economics series:

  • Topher Grace as Tom.
  • Caitlin McGee as Sarah.
  • Jimmy Tatro as Connor.
  • Karla Souza as Marina.
  • Sasheer Zamata as Denise.
  • Shiloh Bearman as Gretchen

What inspired the director to write the Home Economics series?

The series is inspired by the true story of the director. He lived in a small town in Michigan and worked as a teacher. At first, he thought that it was kind of cool to be able to teach at such a young age. But then he also thought that this was too much responsibility for him. So he decided not to continue with the series.  After watching and reading so many stories, the director decided to take up writing. So he wrote and wrote day after day until finally, he could get an agent, and finally, after some weeks, his debut book was on the Amazon Kindle store.

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Who are the director’s favorite characters and why?

The favorite character of this director is the character of Sarah. This character is very nice and she’s a little different from other people. She likes to dress in clothes that are very strange and funny but she doesn’t care about it.

What was the hardest part of making the Home Economics series?

The director says that he has faced so many problems while making this series. When he started writing, he wanted to make a movie that would be liked by everyone but now he feels like a failure as no one liked his movie or even watched it. 

How has your life been influenced by the Home Economics series?

The director says that he had a great experience while writing this film and he feels lucky to have produced such a great film. The most important thing for everyone is not to give up. If you keep on trying to make something, you will get it, there is no doubt about it. The only thing you need is to be patient and work hard on making something special for all people who want to watch it.


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