Inappropriate Behavior: Bobby Cannavale, Robert De Niro & Whoopi Goldberg


The Inappropriate Behavior series of skits on SNL is a long-running comedy staple that has gained popularity due to its witty writing, timing, and comedic timing. Inappropriate Behavior is also responsible for introducing the character of Bobby Cannavale to the world as a talented comedian. In this article, we will be discussing some of the key moments in the series and how they have influenced Bobby’s career. Hollywood producer David O. Selznick announced that Robert De Niro had been pulled from his upcoming film ‘Untitled Martin Scorsese Project’. This was met with surprise as De Niro has starred in over 170 films since becoming an actor which includes acting alongside such legends as Marlon Brando and Robert Mitchum.

The film, ‘The King of Comedy, was produced by Selznick with De Niro starring as a stand-up comedian who gets his big break on television and becomes a legend. Bobby, who was not an established comedian at the time, took the opportunity to audition for SNL. On the day of his audition, he claims that his comic timing was terrible and he could not get laughs from the cast. While waiting for the audition to start Bobby decided to go into a bathroom and through all of his nervousness he locked himself inside.

Do you know about the release date of the Inappropriate Behavior series:

This series will be released on 17 May 2019. Also, the series has been officially renewed for Season 3. While waiting for the crew to get Bobby out he notices that one of his heroes Robert De Niro had entered the room. In the sketch, Bobby plays a huge fan of De Niro and has planned his entire life around meeting him. Bobby is not fazed by this at all and explains to De Niro exactly why he will make a great lead actor. He says, ‘I think I could bring something interesting to your role’, but it appears that De Niro doesn’t want his help.

Here is the plot of the Inappropriate Behavior series discussed:

The plot of Inappropriate Behavior revolves around Bobby playing film producer David O. Selznick and Robert De Niro as his idol Marlon Brando. Bobby wants De Niro to star in his film but cannot convince him. This was during the time that Inappropriate Behavior aired, and due to the brilliance of this skit Bobby is still being recognized as the ‘De Niro of comedy’. Apart from appearing on Inappropriate Behavior, Bobby has also appeared on Saturday Night Live on several occasions throughout his career.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Inappropriate Behavior series:

  • Robert De Niro · Stan 
  • Vera Farmiga 
  • Rose Byrne · Jenna 
  • Bobby Cannavale · Max Bernal 
  • Rainn Wilson

What inspired the director to write the Inappropriate Behavior series?

The series is inspired by Bobby’s own life and experiences. Inappropriate Behavior Series’ writer, Paul Greenberg explains the inspiration behind the series. He says: ‘So after I left “Saturday Night Live”, I was kind of bummed out about things for a little bit and then I was reading in Esquire about this guy who used to be on a show called “Inappropriate Behavior”. 

Who are the director’s favorite characters and why?

The favorite directors of the Inappropriate Behavior Series are Paul Greenberg, Michael Patrick Jann, and Bobby Cannavale. They decided to co-direct the series because of their love for the character that Bobby played in this series. Paul Greenberg explains, “I think our favorite character is Bobby Cannavale’s [Max] because he’s a character that we created in the first skit and then we had to kind of let go when we did the second one.”

What else was discussed in the Inappropriate Behavior Series?

Paul Greenberg also discusses what audiences might have not known about during this skit. The skit takes place at an office and the entire premise of this skit is that Bobby Cannavale is auditioning to be in a movie called ‘The King of Comedy.

What themes does the Inappropriate Behavior series explore?

The themes of the Inappropriate Behavior Series are social anxiety, loneliness, and talent. The series explores these themes by showing how a shy person gets the chance to experience success.

What do the writers say about the Inappropriate Behavior series?

The writers of the Inappropriate Behavior Series have very different opinions about the series. Paul Greenberg says, “The last skit that we wrote was sad and it was really heavy, but I think all it did was prove that people don’t know Bobby or care about him or anything.” 


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