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Friends Reunion: New Production Details You All Should Know

We all know that friends are an iconic comedy series on the streaming program NBC. The Comedy Show ran for 10 years on the platform, and it reveals the story of six friends living together. The series has been created by David Crane, and we all know that it has been a long time when the show ended. But we have good news for all the fans of this iconic show are the makers have now planned for the reunion of the cast members. So be ready guys, to welcome friends reunion special on the streaming platform, HBO Max.

Friends Reunion will appear on HBO max.

So it is now officially confirmed that all the lead cast members of the series will have a reunion special. The reunion special was first planned for promoting the new streaming platform HBO Max by Warner Bros and also for celebrating the 25th anniversary of this comedy show. You will be glad to know that the upcoming reunion special will be unscripted and all our favorite stars will go to Burbank for the filming work.

Friends' Reunion Special Set to Film in Early 2021 | Hollywood Reporter
Source: Hollywood Reporter.com

Friends Reunion is facing a delay

We all know that due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of TV shows and movies have to face a delay in its arrival, and it appears that the same happened with friends reunion. The production work for the coming reunion special was set to start in March 2020, but it was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now reports have confirmed that the production work for the Friends reunion will start in early 2021. For now, we don’t have any official release date for the Friends reunion however, we will update this when we get any official release date for the upcoming comedy show.

Other major details

Do you know that all the cast members of the series are getting a huge amount for the reunion? It is reported that all the six stars are getting $3 million for reuniting. So in the upcoming special episodes fans will see their favorite cast members coming together and doing multiple things.


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