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Luna Nera: What To Expect For The Second Season?

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Netflix’s Luna Nera is all set to release its second season. It was first aired in January 2020, and now it has been almost six months since the last episode of Luna Nera was released. The show follows a young woman called Ade who finds out she is a witch, and then her life is turned upside down. Ade has to do everything she can to ensure she and her brother are not found by the locals and killed.

Fans are already rooting for “Luna Nera” season 2 as they have seen how “Luna Nera” season 1 ended with a lot of cliffhangers that need answers in future episodes of “Luna Nerea’s” season 2!

Renewal Status of “Luna Nera”

But it’s been a long time since the first season of Luna Nera was released, and lovers will not be pleased to hear about its renewal standing. The show is not green-lighted yet, and this could be a concerning factor for the future of the series.

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But if we’re considering the storyline, then the sequel is imminent, but still, there is no official confirmation regarding its renewal. But, there was no news of cancellation as Netflix tends to lose many shows because the Covid-19 outbreak heavy upon the flowing giant. So now the future of Luna Nera’s movie season.

“Luna Nera” Season 2 Cast

  • Nina Fotaras
  • Manuela Mandracchia
  • Adalgisa Manfredi
  • Lucrezia Guidone
  • Federica Fracassi
  • Gloria Carovana
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Release Date of “Luna Nera” Season 2

If Netflix renews the series Luna Nera for season 2, then it will take a long time to release. We know that the Italian entertainment industry is suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is resulting in the delay of many shows. So the production will also take a long time to happen.

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We expect the show will find the green light to the next season, and the show is set. Yet, right now, the terms aren’t preferring any shooting action, and such sorts of actions will begin in the conclusion of October and early November.

If it happens, then the second season can release on Netflix around late 2021 or early 2022, as per the sources.

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