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Matched Betting; An Insight

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Matched betting is the placing of opposing bets on a particular result using bookmakers’ generous bonuses to provide a profit.

It involves locking in two bets on a particular event to ensure all potential outcomes are covered. There are then no wins or losses concerned. However, more free bets from sportsbooks become available. The process is then replicated with the following free bets that have been unlocked to generate profits when avoiding mistakes with cash that can be withdrawn for the user.

Who utilizes Matched Betting?

The relaxation of specified state laws and regulations regarding online sports gambling in the U.S. has enabled matched betting opportunities to thrive. It has proven to be financially beneficial to many individuals.

In June 2023, only 28 states nationwide permitted sports betting (both online and offline). Still, within a further eight months through to February 2024, 10 states have also been authorized, while the likes of Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri and Oklahoma are set to follow suit throughout the current year.

With matched betting now occurring in 38 states, more of the population can reap the rewards. The process has been labeled as the U.S.’s ‘Hottest New Side Hustle’ for people from all walks of life. Whether it be to help make ends meet and add to an existing income, as a hobby, or to boost savings – there are many reasons it is being utilized.

Why is Matched Betting becoming popular in the U.S.?

The process doesn’t take up much time to start seeing earnings and profits as another side hustle or job would do in alignment with a normal working job.

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U.S. citizens tend to take up gig economy gigs (delivering food with UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub etc.) and ridesharing with Uber and Lyft. Other areas Americans venture into to try and make more money include:

  • Freelance writing/blogging
  • Selling old/vintage clothes on platforms such as Depop and eBay
  • Becoming an influencer/vlogger
  • Photography and Videography

Many of these are time-consuming and may bring in less income than matched betting could offer in a certain timeframe.

Sportsbooks appeal to users by offering free bets of up to $1000 when a certain amount of money is deposited.

For example, if a bookmaker offers a promotion where you receive a $20 free bet if you place a bet of $20, you can unlock further promotions from this qualifying bet. Flipping a coin has a 50% probability rate for it to land on heads or tails. If you were to bet $20 on heads and $20 on tails, you won’t win any money, but you won’t lose any money either, as the odds match and cancel one another out. Whatever the outcome is, you will intake $40 despite not making any profits, as $40 will be spent on bets; you will qualify for further free bets, though.

This is where it progresses. If you repeat the same process and place a $20 free bet on the same bet, you will lock in a $20 profit. No matter which side of the coin you land on, you would receive $40 from only spending $20, with the other bet being covered by the qualifying free bet.

More than two outcomes are possible from events in sports. Take a fixture in the NFL as an example; despite being rare and usually only occurring once a year from around 250 fixtures, a draw can occur. Therefore, it is pivotal that the user researches a fixture they desire to bet on to utilize matched betting opportunities.

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Baseball, Ice Hockey and Tennis are popular sports to match bet on, as each fixture cannot end in a tie/draw. There is a clear-cut nature as to which a victory or loss can be covered, as there are only two outcomes.

However, matched betting tools and software can make users’ lives much easier. A Dutch Matcher, Dutch Calculator, Odds Checker and Profit Tracker are selections you can have at hand to help maximize earnings.

What Matched Betting tools can you use to support your hustle?

Dutch Matcher – this tool helps the user to match, locate and sort bets rapidly from different sportsbooks, covering all outcomes of an event. It will then display them in a simplified table with the latest updates on odds. Profits accumulated from matched betting depend on the quality of the bets that are set. Ultimately, the initial qualifying loss needs to be minimized from the qualifying bets; next, stakes need to be optimized, and then as much profit as possible can be extracted from sportsbooks’ promos.

Dutch Calculator – working in conjunction with the Dutch Matcher, the calculator eliminates manual, time-consuming work. It identifies Dutch bets by comparing selections from sportsbooks. You will select your bet type with free bets, risk-free bets and qualifying bet options active. If a Dutch bet is found, the calculator will automatically display the generated bet stake and the overall stake to place to warrant a return, no matter the outcome.

Odds Checker – are you confused about the variation of odds displayed? The Odds Checker will do all the hard work by converting a user’s odds to a different odds type. For instance, if you desire to know the decimal value of +130 (American odds), this can be converted instantly.

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Profit Tracker – do you want to keep track of your earnings? You can keep an eye on your all-time profits while narrowing it down to a daily, weekly, and monthly level. You can also customize your date ranges and filter sport by sport to see how you’re performing in specified sectors with dedicated statistics.


An overview of the process, comparisons and tools are set out for you to be successful with minimal effort and time. Further research can be conducted to help develop and broaden your understanding and knowledge, and always check your bets to cancel out any potential errors, as mistakes can lead to failed bets and losses.

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