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Metaverse 101: How To Make Money Of It?

Metaverse is a world that unites people virtually and makes them experience various activities in real-time. People can experience this virtual space through a computer or a virtual reality headset. You can participate in different activities in this virtual space, such as a live concert, meetings, video games, traveling, online shopping, and more. It provides an environment like the real world to the people. Metaverse uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain technology. People can interact through their 3D avatars in this virtual space. This virtual reality combines digital technologies across products and services. The market size of Metaverse will reach around $800 billion by 2024. 

Also, people have already started renting lands in this virtual reality. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies and NFTs is a part of this virtual space. People use crypto assets to make purchases for many things. Now, gaming metaverse is also getting popular as it uses blockchain technology. This virtual reality will transform the way people make money, shop, and interact with others in the future. The good thing is that people can make money by entering virtual reality. Below, you can check various ways of making money in this Metaverse:

Ways To Make Money In The Metaverse

People can make huge revenue through Metaverse. Also, you can have cryptocurrencies to buy various things in this virtual reality. Below, you can check the different ways in which people can make money by entering the virtual world:

1. Investing In NFTs 

A non-fungible token is a cryptographic asset stored on the blockchain network. People convert their digital work like arts, collectibles, music, photos, game collectibles, and more into NFTs. No one can change or destroy them as they are present on the blockchain. So, you can also convert your digital work into NFTs and sell them for making profits. 

You will have complete ownership of your NFT, and you do not have to share the profit with anyone. People sell NFTs to earn cryptocurrencies and real money. You can also sell your NFTs to earn high revenues through marketplaces. People can also open an NFT art gallery or become art brokers in the Metaverse to make good money.

2. Gaming

Metaverse is already present in the gaming sector. You can enjoy a metaverse-like environment in various play-to-earn games. Here, players can make money by participating in the activities. Gamers have to complete missions and raids to earn rewards like NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain games like Axie Infinity allow players to get NFTs and crypto coins as rewards.  

Players can trade these in-game assets for real money. The value of the gaming NFTs is much in the marketplaces. You can also HODL your crypto till you get the best offers on them. Many players are already paying for their living through play-to-earn games. So, you can also enter the metaverse by participating in blockchain games.

3. Real Estate

Real Estate has already been present in this virtual world. People buy and rent virtual lands in virtual platforms like Decentraland and Axie Infinity. They provide virtual properties to the users. Also, their value has been increasing with time. Lands in Decentraland already sold for millions. You can own land in this metaverse and sell it at a high price.

You can also find virtual real estate brokers in the future. People will connect buyers and sellers of virtual lands. Also, many people will make money by designing the properties in the virtual world.

4. Advertising

Many companies are investing in the Metaverse for advertisement purposes. They want to set their presence in this virtual space and reach a big audience. People can advertise their products and services on various virtual platforms. Also, you can see brands launching stores in virtual malls in the future.

Many companies will prefer to do marketing and advertising through the Metaverse in the future. Many marketing companies can sell virtual advertising spaces to others and make money. Also, many people get advertising jobs in virtual ad companies. 

5. Traveling

Metaverse will also allow people to travel to many places virtually. Now, you do not have to visit tourist destinations physically. People can enter a digital ecosystem and experience flights, hotel rooms, and destinations without going anywhere. Virtual reality tours are already famous due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

It is the best idea to enjoy a virtual tour when you are stuck in a situation like a lockdown. The technology of VR traveling is already present. But, Metaverse will bring more changes in the virtual tours. We can say that people will also get jobs as virtual tour guides and travel agents in the future.

6. Entertainment

People can explore many things for their entertainment in the Metaverse. People will be able to attend concerts in this virtual world. Artists can perform for the audience anywhere, and people can attend the concert by sitting in their homes. Also, you can go to parties and interact with others through your 3D avatars.

People also get the chance to attend sports events without going anywhere physically. Entertainment and event companies can earn a lot of revenue by investing in this virtual world. 

7. Education

Students and teachers will also get many benefits through the Metaverse. Students will get the best chance to learn about various subjects in a virtual environment. Virtual schooling has much potential as many people prefer to study online when they can’t attend classes physically. Education in Metaverse will happen through VR and AR technology. 

Also, students can interactively learn various subjects. Teachers will also get the best opportunity to make money by teaching students in the Metaverse. Education in the virtual world will give many benefits to educators.


So, Metaverse will provide people with many opportunities to earn money. It is already present in the gaming, education, tourism, entertainment, and more sectors. Now, people can buy products, travel the world, interact with friends virtually. They do not need to go anywhere, and they can participate in various activities by sitting in their homes.

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