One Winter: Paul Middleditch & Hamish Bennett To Direct Julian Dennison


It has just been announced that One Winter will be directed by Paul Middleditch and Hamish Bennett, with Julian Dennison in the lead role. The film is a coming-of-age story set in the beautiful but unforgiving landscape of the Southern Alps. The young protagonist Jock is struggling to find his place in the world, as he looks to his father, a carpenter and also a pilot, for direction.

The script was written by Sam Eugenides, who also executive produced with the film’s director of photography Douglas Feist (Wolf Creek). The production team is currently seeking finance with NZ Screen credits including Peter Mullan (War Witch) and Jim Norton (The Long Way Home).

Do you know about the release date of One Winter Series:

This series will be released in June 2022. Also, the series has been released on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The first episode will be released on a date somewhere in June, no exact release date has been announced yet. Produced by South Pacific Pictures and directed by Stewart Main, this series is based on the misadventures of five teenagers on their holiday over the summer who have to deal with their parents’ divorce and learn about life.

Here is the plot of One Winter Series discussed:

The plot of One Winter Series is actually not much different from the previous two TV series, it also follows the main theme of dealing with life and how one can adapt. Most of the time, it focuses on kids dealing with their parents’ divorce. According to Chris Cowley, the series was originally going to be a web series but changed its direction when they “stumbled across a story that offered more than one season”. All I can say at this stage is that Season 2 will be telling a new story, one that explores love in all its forms.

It was announced by FilmInk back as there was no information about any possible second season on its website.

The Name of Cast & Characters of One Winter Series:

  • Taylor Cole · Cara Reneau
  • Jack Turner · Ben Livingston
  • Rukiya Bernard · Megan Marquant 
  • Dushane Williams · Sean 
  • Kristen Harris · Diane

What inspired the director to write One Winter Series?

The series is inspired by director Stewart Main’s childhood. Main’s father left while he was a teenager and the trauma caused by this event inspired him to write this series. The series is inspired by his experience as a teen when he lost his father and dealt with the fallout from the divorce.

Why do the directors think this series will be a success?

The cast of the series is pretty promising, each young actor has shown talent in other films and TV shows. Cinematographer Stewart Main has worked with many young talents in films like Aussie Rules and Wolf Creek and TV shows like Gretel & The Dragon Slayer, Tristan & Isolde, The Long Way Home, and Dead Men’s Tales. I think because their up-and-coming actors got roles in other successful films this could create a buzz for the series to be a success.

What was your process for writing the One Winter Series?

The process was hard. I actually didn’t write it at all, I had written a few scenes and they weren’t quite right so I kept playing with them. After a while, I just didn’t know what to do with them and decided to leave it for another day. That night I couldn’t sleep so wrote a couple more scenes and then had trouble sleeping again, so decided to write a bit more about the character’s lives in that state.

How did the directors come up with the idea for the series?

The series was never set out to be a web series, it was always going to be a movie. As the script developed, this became even more clear. However, the writers convinced me that it could work as a series because there wasn’t enough of a story to film in one season.

What stage of development is the One Winter Series finished?

The script had not been sold and there were only rough comps filmed at this stage. The story has changed quite a lot since then but has always been split into two or three parts and will continue to be so if it is made into a full series. The writers are also working on another feature film that may or may not be related to this series.



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