Peacemaker: The Upcoming American TV Series


Chances are you’ve heard the buzz by now: “Peacemaker” is an upcoming television series about a US Diplomat on an undercover mission in Eastern Europe and unraveling the mystery of her fiancé’s disappearance. Peacemaker will air on FOX this Fall. However, if you’re like me and would rather not gamble with your time (and money) on another Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones rip-off, then continue reading for more information about what sets Peacmeric apart from all of those shows that had huge opening seasons and eventually disappointing endings.

What is the Release Date of the Peacemaker TV Series:

This series will be released on 13 January 2022 on HBO Max. Also, the series will be shown on the FOX Broadcasting Company channel in the USA, then the series will be available for streaming on Netflix and other channels.

What is the Background in The Peacemaker TV Series:

“Peacemaker” is a television series about an American female diplomat named Emma Davis on a mission to rescue her fiancé, Jack Logan. Jack disappeared under mysterious circumstances while on a peace mission in the Middle East approximately three years before the events of season 1. The first episode takes place in Aleppo, Syria where Emma learns of Logan’s disappearance, who was working as a private contractor at the time of his disappearance.

The Audience in Peacemaker: The Upcoming American TV Series:

The audience for this show will be people who are passionate about international relations and love action movies. This show is not meant to be a foreign policy analysis, but rather a thriller with a very unique plot. It’s also one of the few shows that feature a female lead that is not only smart and strong but also an anti-hero on the same level as Walter White or Dexter Morgan. Peacemaker is meant for both men and women in their mid-twenties the mid-thirties who like action, thrillers, suspense and espionage.

What is the Plot of the Peacemaker TV Series:

The plot of the series can be described as a mix between Mission Impossible, Homeland, and Assassins Creed, with some elements of Sherlock Holmes. The show takes place in both Europe and the Middle East, featuring Emma’s work with the US government as well as her personal life. The only aspect of Emma’s personality that is not clear-cut is her religion, American Christianity, or Judaism; a question that remains to be answered.

The Characters in Peacemaker TV Series:

  • Emma Davis
  • Jack Logan
  • Nick
  • Nellie
  • Jack Logan’s Mother
  • Jack Logan’s Father
  • Henrietta Trent
  • Riya Vedika
  • Sir Denrik Avercid-Logan 
  • Leo Jaksic (ex-spy) (played by Sean Bean)  
  • Serg Bekir Hafiz (ex-spy) 
  • The Ambassador 

What kind of action do you want in this show? 

The action in this show will be realistic and authentic. This is not the kind of show you’ll see people jumping over buildings or running through highly populated areas with guns blazing. The show is a mystery/thriller, so we want to keep the action in that genre rather than superhero-like action. The fight scenes, in particular, should be tactical and short, as they are not meant to be Hollywood capes fighting but rather trained spies/assassins fighting with knives, pistols, knives, and swords.

What kind of weapons do you want to see? 

The most prominent weapons in the show will be blades and pistols. Swords will be used in some scenes, especially when the characters are training. The show’s main focus is on the characters themselves, not their weapons of choice. We will not see a character throwing knives at his enemy for example or shooting a sword out of someone’s hand. Weapons will not be an important aspect of the show apart from their intended use rather than an action element. They will feature details and designs that are consistent with the historical period, but nothing too flashy that would change their function as a weapon (ex: guns that shoot lightning).

Are the female characters in this show morally grey? 

Yes, but not in a morally grey way. This is not a show where the characters are evil people. We do want to explore their dark side, but it will be done subtly and we want the audience to be able to decide for themselves if they agree with them.


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