Predators: Alien’s Deadly New Xenomorph Killers Would Obliterate


The Predators series of movies has become one of the best known franchises in American cinema to date. However, this forthcoming chapter will receive a new title “The Predator”. This might sound like an innocuous change but as it turns out this decision came as quite the surprise to fans who were hoping for something different. They wanted to see an alien-versus-predator battle royale between the titular Predator and some kind of Xenomorph creature in honor of Alien’s 40th anniversary later that year. The producers of the film came out and said that they couldn’t make such an idea work, but that they would still be paying tribute to Alien in some way or another. However, the move to rename the film didn’t sit too well with Alien fans. Several individuals who were apparently part of a group called “Alien vs Predator Galaxy” have taken it upon themselves to start a campaign which (if successful) will see the Xenomorphs name restored to the film’s title, thereby achieving their original goal.

Do you know about the release date of Predators series:

This series will be released on 21 July 2022. Also the series has a IMDB rating of 5.6. The series is directed by , written by David Black and Christopher Borrelli. The series stars Lance Henriksen, The first Predator film. A group of elite warriors are sent to a planet controlled by aliens, to seek them out and exterminate them. They seek the heart of the alien race in order to control it’s powerful weapon “the tracker”. The second film in the series stars A group of soldiers who are sent on a rescue mission to save hostages held at an outpost.

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Here is the plot of Predators series discussed:

The plot of the upcoming series of films is still unknown. However, some rumors suggest that Predators will be following a young boy and his father who are part of a elite special forces group.The son is killed in the line of duty and the father vows to bring revenge to the aliens who killed his son. This group is hired by a woman running for President of the United States for her protection.

The Name of Cast & Characters of Predators series:

  • Amber Midthunder · Naru 
  • Dakota Beavers · Taabe 
  • Dane DiLiegro · Predator 
  • Stormee Kipp · Wasape 
  • Michelle Thrush · Aruka

What can we expect from the Predators series?

We can expect the series to be a mix of aliens and humans. However, there will also be a new species added to the Predators lore, this is the “Predator”. The Predator is an unknown species of aliens. The Predators hunt alone for prey. However it is possible that their home planet the Predators come from will be featured in TV series or movies yet to be made.

Who are the directors favorite characters and why?

The favorite characters of director Shane Black are the Predators, because they are the main race in this series. He said: ” The predators are badass, they’re what we’re dealing with and when you see something like that, you want them to win.”

What is the storyline of the Predators series?

The storyline of the series looks like the Predators will be hunting the “Predator”. Because something special is happening to them now. They are learning new tricks in how to hunt better. The storyline is going to be a bit different because they are hunting humans now instead of aliens.

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What happened with the name of Predators series?

The producers wanted to make a tribute to Alien so they changed it from Predators to The Predator by itself. But many people still want it called Predators. Now it has over 1 million people on its side that want it called Predators and not The Predator or some other title.

What themes does the Predators series explore?

The themes of the series are science fiction, action, adventure and horror. The story is going to be a bit different than the films before because now they are going to hunt humans instead of aliens or monsters.

What are some positive points about Predators series?

It is a little different then other films in this franchise. The plots of the previous films were more like Alien vs Predator. And there was no real storyline until Predators came around then it followed that film which did not really follow Alien VS Predator streamline plot.


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