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Pretty smart season 2: Everything you need to know!

Pretty smart is back for season 2, and it is pretty clever. The show follows Chelsea as the main protagonist. She has a lot to learn about happiness. Although she did not want, she is forced to move in with her sister and three roommates. The plot has a lot of twists, turns, ups downs that are entertaining to watch – even if you’re not an American. There are plenty of actors who star in the show that is known for their roles on other popular shows like Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why. Production values are also great with this one- lookout for some really well-filmed scenes!

About The Show:

Pretty smart is an American sitcom that first aired in 2021. There are 10 episodes in the first season and it was released by Netflix. The show follows a 27-year old who does not have any experience with being happy or healthy – until she moves into her sister’s house. Things get pretty interesting from there!

Release Date of Pretty smart season 2:

The release date for the 2nd season of Pretty Smart has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be on screens in 2022.

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This show was produced by Maxeffort, so it’s no surprise that the production values are great. Look out for some really well-filmed scenes! Production of Pretty Smart season two will be starting in November 2021.


The filming of season two is expected to start in November 2021 and finish up in December 2022.


This show has won a number of awards and nominations. Some of the major ones include being Nominated for an Emmy Award, Winner of a Peabody award. The first season of Pretty Smart gathered a couple of awards, including the Critics’ Choice Award for Best New TV Comedy.


The first season of Pretty Smart brought in $15.015 million, which was a surprise for Netflix. The second season is expected to make more than the last!

The Starring Cast of Pretty smart season 2

The cast members are expected to return for the second season of Pretty Smart.

  • Emily Osment as Chelsea
  • Gregg Sulkin as Grant
  • Olivia Macklin as Claire
  • Cinthya Carmona as Solana

The Plot: Pretty smart season 2

Pretty Smart season two plot will probably be about the same thing as last time. Pretty Smart is a smart and funny plot that follows the lives of two sisters Claire and Chelsea, these girls move in with each other, but they couldn’t be more different! The plot so far is all about the characters’ love lives. As you might expect, it’s just as fun and full of drama as season one!

Will There Be A Pretty Smart Season 2 On Netflix?


There were some mixed reviews about season one but nothing that is too bad. Season one has been received very well by both viewers and critics alike, which means that there is a lot of pressure on the production team for the second installment. Pretty smart has been getting some great feedback from viewers and critics alike! People have called it “lighthearted” and “fun,” while also saying that they love its plot twists.


Netflix ratings for Pretty Smart plot are high! The viewers of this plot seem to love it and the show gets a high rating on IMDb, Netflix, and Rotten Tomatoes. Due to its plot twists and comedic style, people are tuning in for Pretty Smart. The first season got an average of 15 million views per episode! The first season had an average score of about four stars out of five on IMDb and a score of about 80% from Rotten Tomatoes critics.

Expectations: Pretty smart season 2

The second installment is expected by many fans to be even better than the last- which will make it very difficult on production teams but also something viewers can look forward to. Fans are hoping for a plot twist that will rival the first season’s finale- which left many viewers with their jaws hanging open in shock!

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