Price prediction for Sandbox: Is it still a good buy?

Sandbox Price Prediction

For those of you on the fence about picking up a copy now, I’ll give you my opinion. It’s cheaper than ever and just released patches that improved the game in noticeable ways. There are many updates coming in the future and it has a major fan base with a lot of love waiting to be lavished upon it. I would go ahead and buy if you’re still unsure but I’m not convinced that this is going to be one of those games with diminishing returns like some developers seem to believe.

As far as whether or not this game is worth buying, this review should help make an informed decision for yourself so at least have a better understanding before making such an investment.

Sandbox is a game that sees you wandering a vast desert environment with a variety of mechanics and gameplay styles to keep things fresh. You take on the role of a lone scavenger exploring this world, searching for resources and fighting against various groups that are just as desperate as you are. The genre it falls into is called Adventure and since the game has several different gameplay styles the title choice works well to distinguish it from others in that niche. You have an overall goal of saving your daughter from the clutches of one group or another, but there are also other goals that act as side quests and help flesh out this little world for you.

Why is SAND rising?

The developer known as SAND is a team of excellent devs who built their game from the ground up. They are definitely not just some clone trying to cash in on a popular genre. Sandbox is a well made game with great features and content. It’s doesn’t have the movement of No Man’s Sky, but otherwise it hits all the right points. The engine is being built from scratch, creating a unique experience with no significant lag or frame rate issues so far.

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The AI was also very interesting and felt realistic for the most part, even if it did get blown out of the water every now and again by a particularly rogue bandit or two. The game also seems to take place on an actual planet as opposed to a simulation within a computer but that’s not important right now.

Is SANDBOX still worth buying?

If you like sandboxes and have been waiting for one to be released on steam, I say go for it. If you aren’t sure about getting it, try the free demo and see what you think. It’s also on sale right now which makes it an even better deal.

Sandbox Review Conclusion

The game did have a few issues regarding controls and mouse/keyboard mapping, but these were not game-breaking at all. The engine they chose could potentially be a long-term problem but the quality of the game so far has me optimistic. It’s already got several updates planned, which will only improve the quality of this already great product.

I’m definitely still buying this game for myself when it releases because there just isn’t enough well made sandbox games out there at the moment, I’d say at least one every year if not more. I think it’s worth keeping an eye on and would recommend it to anyone else looking for a new sandbox experience on steam.

Sandbox price prediction

With all of these aspects taken into account, it seems that the price is going to rise slowly at first just based on the fact that SAND isn’t a major developer. It needs time to grow into its own and get some recognition outside of early adopters.

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The content will definitely be worth paying 10 or 20 dollars for but I don’t expect that it’ll be at a premium right off the bat. Keep in mind though, I’m basing this off of what I know about the game and its developers so far, not on any inside information. These price predictions are just my opinion which you should use as you wish for your own investments.


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